What is Power Pro and why is it important?

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 10/29/2009

Prior to the establishment of NAEDA's Power Pro Program, there were no universal full-service dealership standards in the OPE industry. Consequently the consumer had no measurable standard by which to compare businesses on their professional ability to provide equipment and/or parts and service.

Through Power Pro, full-service dealers can earn accreditation when they verify a significant investment has been made in facilities, wholegoods, parts, inventories, employee salaries and training, tools and equipment, business systems, and advertising

NAEDA's mission is "Committed to building the best business environment for North American equipment dealers." The association believes reasonable standards for dealers serving the OPE segment of the equipment industry are not only compatible with this mission but critical elements to achieve the mission.

Standards are used to affirm to consumers that a dealership meets and operates under measurable standards of recognized performance. Industry-wide standards should not be confused with specific standards that manufacturers may require of their dealers. Manufacturers may develop company- or line-specific standards, in cooperation with their dealers, which include requirements above and beyond the basic standards outlined in the Power Pro Program.

The standards outlined in Power Pro incorporate the experience gained through several decades of operations of OPE dealers and members of the NAEDA OPE Dealer Council and the councils of NAEDA-affiliated associations.

The four standards that define a professional, full-time dealer are:

  1. dealership location facility and image
  2. sales, marketing and advertising
  3. parts department
  4. service department

The standards emphasize qualitative considerations. In addition, the standards provide latitude for a dealership's initiative, experimentation and variation.