Coalition to Save Our GPS Files FCC Comments

Author: Mike Williams | Posted: 4/2/2012

The Coalition to Save Our GPS and LightSquared both filed reply comments with the FCC on Friday, March 30.  In a release on its filing, LightSquared said that “a ruling proposed by the FCC staff that would effectively revoke LightSquared's license to operate its network is entirely unsupported by the law, science, and FCC policy and precedent.”  The Coalition also issued a release, quoting Trimble Vice President and General Counsel Jim Kirkland:

“Try as it might, LightSquared cannot hide the fact that the International Bureau’s Conditional Waiver Order in January 2011 was crystal clear that LightSquared was required to demonstrate noninterference to GPS, or it would not be permitted to move forward.  This condition reflected the FCC’s consistent policy that operations in LightSquared’s mobile satellite spectrum were not permitted to interfere with GPS.  LightSquared has failed to satisfy the condition it accepted in January 2011 and the Bureau now has only one permissible action that it can take, which is to rescind the waiver.  All of LightSquared’s arguments at this point amount to nothing more than requests for changes in the rules after the game is over, or requests for special treatment to avoid the consequences of its ill-conceived plans.   There is simply no legal or other basis for any of LightSquared’s claims.”

To see the Coalition’s reply comments in full, click here.  To see a summary of LightSquared’s reply comments, click here.