Inland Waterways Capital Development Plan Introduced

Author: Mike Williams | Posted: 4/17/2012
Congressman Ed Whitfield (R-KY) has introduced a bill (H.R. 4342) in the House aimed at modernizing the infrastructure on the inland waterways system.  Known as “WAVE 4:  Waterways are Vital for the Economy, Energy, Efficiency, and Environment Act of 2012. This legislation will transform the Inland Waterways Capital Development Plan into law according to the Waterways Council Inc. (WCI).

The Capital Development Plan, when passed and signed into law, will apply objective criteria to prioritize essential construction and major rehabilitation projects, revise current beneficiaries’ cost-sharing for these projects, reform the Corps of Engineers’ internal project delivery process, and suggest a revenue enhancement – a 30 to 45% increase in the existing diesel fuel tax the navigation industry pays – to fund vital infrastructure investments that return so much to the American economy and to consumers. WCI believes this legislation will create American jobs, enable growth in U.S. exports, and continue to fuel the economic engine that is the waterways. 

A copy of WCI's press release can be read here.