Facebook, Twitter and YouTube User Guide Available

Author: Mike Williams | Posted: 6/5/2012

Social media is all about building relationships, a key component in NAEDA’s mission to forge a partnership between dealers, farmers and consumers. It is based upon something NAEDA has been doing for generations; having conversations. Social media is nothing more than the conversations we are having online and the tools used to enhance them. This includes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as starters. 

NAEDA entered the world of social media on behalf of North American equipment dealers with a goal to share the news and views of the honest and hard-working individuals who help feed the world and to give the average consumer another way to communicate with equipment dealers. You can find us (NAEDA) at: www.naeda.com.

While NAEDA can speak on behalf of its members, there is no message that rings truer than that which comes from members themselves to their customers.

NAEDA wishes to thank the Ohio Farm Bureau for making their initial Discover your Social Web: An Ohio Farm Bureau Guide to Social Media publicly available. They were hoping to make it a valuable tool to Ohio Farm Bureau members, but little did they know the guide would become so quickly shared and distributed through not only Ohio, but the entire nation.

In the spirit of the social media habit of sharing, Ohio Farm Bureau has authorized NAEDA to copy, distribute and share this guide under some conditions. So, some graphics used in this copy of the guide are theirs and some have been inserted by NAEDA specifically for equipment dealer members.

Please enjoy the guide and share it with family, friends and strangers alike. But first, use it to join the online conversation and provide your unique point of view to the collective conscience. NAEDA again thanks the Ohio Farm Bureau for their permission to utilize their initial guide as a resource for dealers to learn more about using social media.

To download a copy of the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube guide, click here.