25 x' 25 Coalition sends statement to EPA on RFS

Author: Mike Williams | Posted: 9/17/2012
The 25x'25 Alliance filed comments in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). In a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Bart Ruth, 25x’25’s Policy Chair, called on the agency to exercise good judgment and recognize that any modification or alteration to current biofuels utilization targets could undermine the efforts being made to accelerate the production of advanced and cellulosic biofuels.

25x’25 recognized that the drought has placed tremendous stress on farmers and ranchers across the country, as well as some of those industries that utilize farm and ranch commodities for processing into value added products. In particular, the Alliance understands the hardships being faced by livestock producers. However, according to multiple studies, a waiver of all or part of the RFS will not achieve the outcomes desired by the industries for which the waiver requests were filed.

In their comments, they expanded on their reasoning behind the decision to stand in support of the RFS. The RFS is not only the cornerstone policy in our nation’s effort to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but it is also an important tool for rural economic development, the stabilization of gasoline prices and for improvements in the nation’s air quality. The EPA has issued a 15 day extension of the comment period on the requests for a waiver of the RFS. Written comments must be received on or before October 11, 2012.

A read a copy of the statement, click here.

Source: 25 x' 25 Alliance