Equip Industry in eastern region cautioned to be on guard for thefts by anticipated clean-up efforts

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 11/2/2012
National Equipment Register (NER) Disaster Response Advisory

Equipment owners, dealers and rental companies throughout the eastern seaboard and neighboring areas should make equipment security an aspect of their response to the recent tragic disaster facing their region. When the cleanup efforts begin, the vulnerability of and demand for equipment will undoubtedly result in increased thefts; owners that take steps to address this will be less likely to be targeted. Law enforcement in adjoining areas may encounter equipment obtained through theft or fraud en route to the damage zones, or stolen due to the anticipated demand for equipment.

Owners may be unable to report thefts, and may be unaware of thefts in the effected areas.  If you are in doubt of an operator's legitimate possession of equipment, contact NICB 800-447-6282 for a search of NER's equipment registration and ownership records.  

Independent and national rental companies, contractors and local dealers may be difficult to reach in the effected areas.  NER maintains local and national management contacts and emergency contact information for member fleets.

For Equipment Owners in the Impacted Areas

For Equipment Owners in Adjoining Areas

Please report thefts to NER as soon as possible.  Call NER at 866-663-7872 option 2 or submit a theft online at www.ner.net/report-a-theft.

Source: National Equipment Register (NER) disaster response advisory