Share your input with NAEDA's OPE Dealer Council

Author: Mike Williams | Posted: 12/28/2012

Do you have topics or issues you would like the NAEDA OPE Dealer Council to address at its February 18-19, 2013 meeting? If so, contact Mike Williams or any member of the council now. Click here for contact information.

Topics to submit might include issues affecting your store and actions of a distributor, manufacturer and or other supplier. They might involve warranty problems, Internet problems or other management issues you face.

Also, let us know if you have heard about issues other dealers have expressed to you. Be sure and include the state or province where the issues are occurring in your message so the council can know if it is a local, state, provincial or national issue. The council wants to know about issues affecting your dealership so they can be addressed by them directly and help get them resolved.