Housekeeping in the Detail Department (Housekeeping Part 4)

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 12/31/2012

It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a clean and safe work environment. Even if you hire subcontractors for the detail department, their safety and working conditions are ultimately part of your dealership’s responsibility. Do you recognize any of these problems? Do you follow these best practices for mitigating the problems?

  • Unlabeled bottles
    • All bottles should be labeled with the chemical name, manufacturer name, and health hazard. Try to check them at least weekly.
  • Razor blades- should be stored in a sharps container
    • Loose razor blades can be found on work spaces like desks and the shop floor.  This is an easy  injury hazard to identify.  The solution is to store them a sharps container or use a blade holder so employees won’t have to rest their hands on a rusty or used razor blade.
  • Damaged plug ends on electrical cords
    • Damaged plug ends are electrical hazards. The solution is to replace plug ends when grounding pin are missing and/or the insulation is damaged.
  • Cords and hoses in walk areas
    • Cords/hoses blocking work area create a trip hazard. Make sure that all cords and hoses are wrapped-up and stowed away when not in use.
  • Missing outlet covers
    • Flip covers needs to be installed wherever water is sprayed.
  • Employees trying to crush cardboard in the dumpster
    • This activity could lead to a variety of accidents. Employees should stack extra cardboard in another area and contact a disposal company.


Source: KPA Blog