EPA Sets 2013 RFS at 16.55B Gallons

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 2/1/2013

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday, Jan 31  released the long-awaited 2013 renewable volume mandates for blending into petroleum fuels.

The total RFS volume requirement for 2013 is 16.55 billion gallons, or 9.63% of the projected demand for petroleum-based fuels this year. Of that total, 1.28 billion gallons, or 1.12%, of the RFS mandate must be satisfied with biomass-based diesel. Advanced biofuels constitute 2.75 billion gallons, or 1.6%, of the total, with cellulosic biofuels accounting for 14 million gallons, or 0.008%, of the 2013 RFS mandate.

Overall, the RFS will require refiners to blend more than 1.35 billion gallons of renewable fuels over the amount mandated for 2012.


Source: DTN Progressive Farmer