USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service & Partners invest in conservation for Miss. River health

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 2/19/2013

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Feb 15 the investment of $59 million this year from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for the health of the Mississippi River basin, making a total of approximately $289 million for the initiative that reduces nutrient and sediment run-off.

"The Mississippi River basin is an example of how voluntary conservation practices in small watersheds can help improve a larger system," said Vilsack. "This initiative provides an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to voluntarily do their part and get recognized for it, while also continuing to build on the success of our producers, partners, and other state and federal agencies whose combined efforts have made significant progress toward reducing nitrogen and sediment runoff in the Mississippi River Basin."


Source: USDA