Market Street Fairness Act passed in Senate budget resolution

Author: Mike Williams | Posted: 3/25/2013

Early Saturday morning March 23rd, the Senate adopted its first concurrent budget resolution in four years.  The bill passed by a vote of 50-49. The vote was preceded by a 13-hour “votarama” on 70 amendments and there is a lot to digest.  Obviously, none of this will have the force of law as all of the amendments that passed are attached to this budget resolution, which is dead on arrival in the House. 

One item that should be mentioned was the vote on Sen. Enzi’s amendment (R-WY) to allow states to form a cartel and collect internet sales taxes for other states.  The Market Fairness Act passed in the form of a second degree amendment by 75-24. With a vote this strong in the Senate, it may signal to majority leader Harry Reid that he has more than 60 votes to pass this as a standalone bill. NAEDA has supported passage of this act previously.