House vote allows Farm Bill to move to conference with Senate

Author: Mike Williams | Posted: 7/12/2013

Reaction from farm groups following Thursday's passage of a farm-only farm bill was a mix of praise, disappointment and disbelief, but also relief because at least some version of the legislation actually passed the House.

After a year of first refusing to bring a bill to the floor, then watching failure last month, House Republican leaders scored a victory as the bill passed the House on a 216-208 vote. While infuriating Democrats, all of whom voted against it, the GOP leadership was able to show it could keep its own caucus in order and pass the legislation.

Most farm groups reacted in similar fashion. None of this was ideal, they said, but at least now the House has a bill to negotiate over with the U.S. Senate version of the bill.

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Source: DTN / Progressive Farmer