Labor Day equipment crime awareness

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 8/27/2013

As construction and agriculture show signs of improvement in many US and Canadian regions this summer, equipment theft reports are keeping pace...sort of.

Reports to National Equipment Register show surging theft activity in some areas (particularly Texas, Oklahoma, Florida), while other areas we expected to see increases seem to be steady or reduced from 2012 levels, so far (most notably California and the North East).

This is not to say that equipment owners and Law Enforcement in any area should consider equipment related crimes to be unlikely this Labor Day holiday.

Regardless of the current report levels, thieves nationwide may not be able to pass up the opportunities of vacant job sites, understaffed dealerships and overworked rental yards to commit machine thefts and burglarize businesses before and over the holiday.

NER continues to advise the industry and Law Enforcement to take steps to prevent equipment crimes in your community.
A few suggestions follow:


Source: National Equipment Register