Agricultural stakeholders will continue the push for congressional approval of a five-year farm bill

Author: Mike Williams | Posted: 9/9/2013

On tap in the House is a nutrition title bill that will likely seek to cut $40 billion over 10 years from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The House leadership has not yet released the legislative language, but have outlined the parameters.  

In a memo to House Republicans on Friday, House Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said the  Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act "restores the intent of the bipartisan welfare reforms adopted in 1996 by ensuring that work requirements for able-bodied adults without children are enforced - not waived - and eliminates loopholes exploited over the last few years to avoid the program's income and asset tests. It also empowers states to engage able-bodied parents in work and job training as part of receiving food stamps to help move them to self-sufficiency. Most importantly, no individual who meets the income and asset guidelines of the SNAP program and is willing to comply with applicable work requirements will lose benefits as a result of these reforms."

Cantor's memo included the nutrition bill in a list of actions the House will consider in September and October, but no specific timeline for the nutrition title was announced. Several sources have said the bill could come up as early as next week. After that, the next step would be to conference the House-passed farm bill and its nutrition legislation with the Senate-passed farm bill.

Source: AgriPulse