New online whistleblower-retaliation form created

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 11/5/2013

OSHA has approved a new procedure to submit whistleblower-retaliation complaints. Whistleblower-retaliation complaints have been on the rise in recent years, forcing the need for another avenue for complaints to be submitted.

Up until now, the only option to submit complaints was by calling or mailing in a form. The new option allows users to submit the complaint via a form on the internet, or by printing off the form and faxing or emailing it in.

In response to this new option, employers should continue to educate and inform their employees about their internal whistleblower policies. Employees should be trained and retrained on whistleblower policies in an effort to avoid incident. Of course, complaints are bad in general; employees should have a way to submit complaints in house prior to contacting OSHA.

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Source: KPA