Two NAEDA Surveys Conducted

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 2/3/2014
Watch for publication of results from these surveys of NAEDA dealers.

In December 2013, NAEDA conducted a readership survey for our monthly publication, Equipment Dealer. The purpose of the survey was to identify whether our current editorial content was in line with readers’ needs, as well as solicit additional topic content for the future.

The key areas where dealers indicated they would like to see more editorial coverage were: employee management, industry outlook/information, manufacturer relations issues, legal issues, government relations, regulatory assistance, new equipment features and association news. This is encouraging as these topics are aligned with NAEDA’s current priority of focus. We have the opportunity to maximize our resources to enhance the editorial content of this magazine to offer even more beneficial information for our readers.
While Equipment Dealer is owned by the North American Equipment Dealers Association, it has not been nor will it ever be primarily a “house rag.” The magazine is certainly used to communicate important association issues to dealers, if necessary. However, the primary mission of the magazine is to offer insightful and useful information to equipment dealers and the industry. The results of the readership survey will help further fulfill that mission.
Look for additional changes in the magazine’s content in future issues. We really appreciate the time dealers and other readers took to answer the survey.

NAEDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey
In January 2014, NAEDA conducted its annual Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey. The NAEDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey continues to be one of the association’s most successful endeavors, providing important operating assessments for dealers and the primary companies they represent.
This year, we received cooperation from several manufacturers to assist in dealership participation and are expecting an even larger level of response from members and non-association members. However, only dealers who are members of NAEDA and their affiliate associations will receive the results of the survey.
The survey asks dealers to rate the manufacturers that they do business with in important categories regarding products (quality, availability and technical support), parts (availability, quality and return policy), communication, warranty and marketing/ advertising support. Responses are compiled anonymously and distributed to manufacturers and NAEDA dealer members for comparison, analysis and review.
A summary report will be published and distributed to NAEDA dealer members and manufacturers in March. The report contains valuable feedback and information about the relationship between dealers and their suppliers. Both the manufacturers and the dealers have found the data to have value for improving product and service quality and for promoting top-ranked products to consumers.
Many manufacturers, for example, have expressed their support for the survey and for the results, good or poor.
▶ In some instances, manufacturers have used the survey results to promote their performance to their dealer network and even to end users.
▶ They have also used the results as a means to support change and improvements in their organizations. 
Dealers have used the results:
▶ To evaluate potential new product lines and companies to carry.
▶ For competitive comparisons with brands they handle.
▶ To communicate areas of strengths and needs for improvements of their represented manufacturers.

Dealer’s Choice Awards
Last year, NAEDA introduced the Dealer’s Choice Awards, which recognize the manufacturers that have done an exemplary job in the key areas correlated to a dealer’s operational model.
The Dealer’s Choice Awards will again be awarded in 2014, and the NAEDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey summary rating data is utilized to determine the Dealer’s Choice recipients in three categories (major tractor manufacturer, shortline manufacturer and outdoor power equipment manufacturer). Additional information from the survey’s summary report and the Dealer’s Choice Award recipients will be featured in the April issue of Equipment Dealer magazine.

JOE DYKES is director of Member Services for the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA).

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