Marketing Equipment and Hiring Applicants: What do they have in common?

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 3/19/2014

When you’re hiring you want the best possible applicants, but do you know how to get those applicants? How can you improve their quality? You already use social media to market your cars, did you know that you can use it to market your open positions as well?

Here’s how you can use social networking to recruit great people:

1. Maintain a page on your website that shows off your company culture in a compelling way.
2. Create a separate web page for each job posting.
3. Make some short, engaging videos about the staff at your dealership.

Without these tools, you can’t leverage one of HR’s most important resources; the person who handles social media at your dealership. Once you have these tools in place, your social media expert (who may become your new best friend) can help you with the following:

1. Tweet job openings and post them on your Facebook page.
2. Encourage employees to post open positions on their personal Facebook accounts.

When hiring, sometimes the applicants you want aren’t the ones that are applying for your jobs. They are the individuals that aren’t actively searching for a job, but that you may be able to persuade to work for you. Social media can help to pull those people out of the woodwork. 

Using your employees to recruit via social media can raise a lot of questions about social media policies and HR-related regulations. If you’d like to talk about that, email KPA at

Source: KPA