NAEDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey summary report released

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 3/24/2014

Results of the 2014 NAEDA Dealer Manufacturer Relations Survey will be released this week to NAEDA members and the manufacturers represented in the report.  The survey report will be distributed to dealer members through the regional affiliate associations. The comprehensive summary report includes results of dealer ratings for 46 manufacturers that received a sufficient number of ratings to provide meaningful results.

The survey was distributed to over 10,800 dealers in January 2014. This year, we received cooperation from several manufacturers to assist in dealership participation and as a result received an increase in response and number of ratings from members and non-association members. However, only dealers who are members of NAEDA and their affiliate associations will receive the results of the survey.

The NAEDA Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey continues to be one of the association’s most successful endeavors, providing important operating assessments for dealers and the primary companies they represent. The survey asks dealers to rate the manufacturers that they do business with in important categories regarding products (quality, availability and technical support), parts (availability, quality and return policy), communication, warranty and marketing/ advertising support. Responses are compiled anonymously and distributed to manufacturers and NAEDA dealer members for comparison, analysis and review.

The report contains valuable feedback and information about the relationship between dealers and their suppliers. Both the manufacturers and the dealers have found the data to have value for improving product and service quality and for promoting top-ranked products to consumers.

Many manufacturers, for example, have expressed their support for the survey and for the results, good or poor.   In some instances, manufacturers have used the survey results to promote their performance to their dealer network and even to end users. They have also used the results as a means to support change and improvements in their organizations. 

Dealers have used the results to evaluate potential new product lines and companies to carry, for competitive comparisons with brands they handle and to communicate areas of strengths and needs for improvements of their represented manufacturers.