GOP confident about Paul Ryan’s budget

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 4/7/2014

Passing Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget? No sweat.

House Republican leaders said they believe they turned a corner by the end of last week, quashing opposition to the Wisconsin Republican’s 2015 budget proposal and laying the groundwork to clear one of the last major pieces of legislation before the midterm election.

After weeks of whipping, multiple senior Republican lawmakers and aides say they are in as good shape as they have ever been and believe they are close to the requisite votes for passage.

“Yeah, we’re good,” said Ryan, who chairs the House Budget Committee, while walking into the House chamber Friday.

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said his “only problem” is that three House Republicans from Georgia are battling one another in a Senate primary and will not vote for the budget.

Source: Politico