The value of Safety Coordinators

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 5/5/2014

As we’ve discussed many times before, a strong safety culture is born from teamwork; however, every successful team requires a leader. To create this success you need an individual who is in charge of action items, and facilitates change.

In regards to safety culture, the team leader is the “safety coordinator.” Often times, the coordinator is a general manager or a member of the senior management team. However, many dealerships have found great success with their safety culture when their safety coordinator is an individual who works closely with the employees who work directly on the shop floor. These individuals often include:

  • Service managers
  • Shop foremen
  • Body shop managers
  • HR managers

The safety coordinator addresses the safety culture month-to-month and day-by-day. They coordinate meetings, deadlines, and action items, determining that everyone has an assignment and is held accountable for the positive results.

Do you have a safety coordinator? Do you know how to implement a successful safety culture with the use of a safety coordinator? If you need help contact or your KPA engineer.