2013 Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey

Author: Amy Volk | Posted: 1/8/2013

NAEDA is currently conducting its annual Dealer Manufacturer Relations Survey.  Dealers should have received the email link to participate in the survey. Reminder emails have also been sent, however, if you have not received the email please contact Joe Dykes at NAEDA at 636-349-6205 or dykesj@naeda.com to receive the link.

The survey asks dealers to rate the manufacturers that they do business with in important categories regarding Products (quality, availability, tech support), Parts (availability, quality, return policy), Communication, Warranty and Marketing/Advertising support.  Responses are compiled anonymously and distributed to manufacturers and NAEDA dealer members for comparison, analysis and review.  

Last year over 1900 responses were collected from dealers of 39 manufacturers evaluating the categories of dealer/manufacturer relationships.  This year we have received cooperation from the manufacturers and are expecting an even larger level of response from members and non-association members.  However, only dealers who are members of NAEDA and their affiliate associations will receive the results of the survey.

The NAEDA Dealer Manufacturer Survey has been one of the association’s most successful endeavors and in 2013 we are building on this success and recognize the manufacturers that have done an exemplary job in the key areas correlated to a dealer’s operational model.  The NAEDA “Dealer’s Choice” awards have been created to recognize these companies.  The Dealer Manufacturer Relations Survey will be the format and data utilized to determine the winners of the NAEDA Dealer’s Choice Awards.  These companies (Major manufacturer, Shortline manufacturer and Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturer will be announced, recognized and presented at the NAEDA Board of Directors Meeting in Phoenix, AZ on March 6, 2013 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Please take time to participate in this important survey.  Your manufacturers take the responses seriously and the results are especially helpful for NAEDA in its Manufacturer/Industry Relations efforts and for dealers in their business decision making.