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Equipment Dealers Foundation Disaster Relief Fund

The recent heavy rains in many areas of the south are causing serious problems for communities and possibly many equipment dealerships and their employees. The EDA Equipment Dealers Foundation has a special Disaster Relief Fund to provide financial grants to equipment dealers and their employees in disaster areas for losses not covered by insurance and property damaged or destroyed. The fund is designed to help offset some of the financial demands faced by those affected by natural disasters such as the recent flooding. Grants from the fund may be used for food, living expenses, temporary accommodation, home repair, home replacement, permanent home construction, transportation accommodation and other approved needs. For more information contact Joe Dykes at the Equipment Dealers Association at 636-349-6205, dykesj@naeda.com

EDA Welcomes New Associate Member Delta Systems, Inc.

The Equipment Dealers Association is pleased welcome another new Associate Member, Delta Systems.

Delta Systems is a designer and manufacturer of switches, displays and electronic controls.  We have been partnering with our customers to provide innovative solutions to the Outdoor Power Equipment industry for over 40 years.  We take pride in listening to customers and understanding their needs.  Our quality mindset begins in design, continues through testing and customer approval, and flows seamlessly into production and post delivery.

Please take a moment to read Delta Systems company profile by clicking here.

USDA Sees Drop In Planting, Prices In 2016

The Department of Agriculture released its 2016 market projections setting the stage for a year that looks to be heading toward decreased planting and incomes.

At the annual Agricultural Outlook Forum in Arlington, Virginia, the department's chief economist, Rob Johansson, said USDA's Economic Research Service is projecting a $1.6 billion drop in net farm income, about 3 percent below 2015 levels. That's on the heels of a projected dip in prices, which will lower commodity values in both domestic and international markets. 

Johansson said weak global economic growth and a strong U.S. dollar will make for a competitive trade marketplace in 2016. 

Labor Department Proposes Sick Day Rule

The Department of Labor (DOL) last week proposed a rule that will require federal contractors to give their workers paid sick leave more than six months after President Obama issued an executive order requiring it to do so. Under the president's order, DOL is required to issue regulations by Sept. 30, 2016 requiring certain companies that contract with the federal government to provide employees with up to seven days of paid sick leave annually. The proposed rule would allow employees to use those sick days to care for themselves or a family member.

EDA is following this new regulation's development and is concerned about how dealers could be impacted in the future should it be expanded to include all workers. Our concern is based on a statement, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) said, that the proposed rule is great news for over 800,000 America workers and their families. "Not only is it in the best interest of employees to take care of themselves and their families, it benefits their colleagues and employers as well," she said. "Congress should follow the president's lead and pass the Healthy Families Act to guarantee job-protected sick days for every American employee." DeLauro's legislation, introduced with Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) would allow all employees to earn up to seven sick days a year. Should DeLauro's legislation become law, it is evident to EDA that DOL would issue new regulations on paid sick leave that could potentially impact every U.S. employer.  

COOL Repeal Rule Official

The Department of Agriculture on Tuesday made public its final rule to repeal mandatory country-of-origin labeling (COOL) requirements for beef, pork and chicken. The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service notice was scheduled to be published in the Federal Register making the rule official. EDA has been supporting the repeal of this rule to prevent retaliation on agricultural products by Canada and Mexico. A copy of the USDA rule can be found here.

EDA's Annual EDF Scholarship Program Deadline - Friday, April 29

EDA’s Equipment Dealers Foundation (EDF) administers an Annual Scholarship Program that provides financial assistance for advancing the skills and expertise of your employees and potential employees. Scholarships are available for individual classes, vocational training, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and post-graduate studies. Applicants must be sponsored by a dealer principal, who agrees to provide a written letter of recommendation and matching funds up to $1,000 per sponsored applicant. If you have an employee or potential employee who is seeking additional training and/or professional advancement, please share the attached EDF Annual Scholarship Program Guide/Application and consider sponsoring an applicant(s). Read more for the application.

Thanks For Taking The Dealer Manufacturer Relations Survey Record dealer participation experienced

Thanks to all of the dealers who took the time to provide manufacturer ratings in the EDA’s annual Dealer Manufacturer Relations Survey. Over 2,300 dealers provided over 9,100 individual ratings for the companies they represent. This is a significant increase from last year’s numbers.

Thanks also, to the many manufacturers who assisted with the distribution of the survey and encouraged their dealer network to participate.  The survey provides dealers with the opportunity to rate their primary manufacturers on key areas of dealership operations and support and are one on the many tools utilized by dealers and manufacturers to rate and monitor performance and services and make improvements.

We are in the process of compiling the data for the preparation of the final report.  The EDA Dealer Manufacturer Survey Report is copyrighted and will be distributed to EDA members only as a member benefit and to the manufacturers who received enough dealer ratings to be featured in the report.

Canada and the United States Have Announced Phosphorus Reduction Targets To Improve Lake Erie Targets to reduce toxic and nuisance algae blooms affecting Lake Erie

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy and Canada’s Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna have announced that Canada and the U.S. have adopted targets to reduce phosphorus entering affected areas of Lake Erie by 40 percent. The targets announced will minimize the extent of low oxygen “dead zones” in the central basin of Lake Erie; maintain algae growth at a level consistent with healthy aquatic ecosystems; and maintain algae biomass at levels that do not produce toxins that pose a threat to human or ecosystem health.

Through the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, Canada and the United States committed in 2012 to combat the growing threat of toxic and nuisance algae development in Lake Erie, and agreed to develop updated binational phosphorus reduction targets for Lake Erie by February 2016. The 40 percent reduction targets are based on 2008 loading levels. Canada and the United States have committed to develop domestic action plans, by no later than February 2018, to help meet the new targets. Read more.

Congress Pushes Back On DOL’S Overtime Rule

108 members of Congress sent a letter to Labor Secretary Tom Perez expressing serious concern with the Administration’s efforts to finalize a new rule this year that would more than double the salary threshold to determine who is eligible for overtime pay.

The Department of Labor released a proposed rule last summer that would require businesses to pay overtime wages to employees making $50,440 or less per year, which would be a 113 percent increase over the current threshold. In addition, the minimum salary would automatically increase each year to match the 40th percentile of the average salary earned by full-time employees in the United States.

CNH Lays Off Workers in Fargo

The Case-New Holland manufacturing plant in Fargo, N.D., recently laid off about 70 full-time workers. More than 260 workers at the plant have been laid off in five rounds of cuts since November 2014. CNH Industrial employed about 1,250 full-time equivalents, according to a 2015 directory from the local Chamber of Commerce. 

The Fargo plant is one of CNH Industrial’s two major North American manufacturing plants producing four-wheel drive and high-power tractors. It also makes payloaders. The layoffs are a consequence of the rapid collapse in commodity prices. Source: KFGO-AM

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From the NAEDA Office

NAEDA Board Approves Changes To Committee and Council Structures Expanded opportunities for members to provide guidance on key issues.

At its recent meeting in St. Louis, the NAEDA Board of Directors approved sweeping changes to the structure of the association’s committees and councils. The changes are intended to encourage greater participation at the national level and offer enhanced opportunity for members to provide input on policies, strategies and key issues fundamental to their success.


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