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NAEDA affiliated associations offer a compilation of dealer protection laws to help independent retail dealers learn more about the various state and provincial laws that apply to their businesses.

Dealers with questions about these laws are encouraged to call the state, regional or provincial associations to which they belong, call the NAEDA Legal Assistance Program* at 816/421-4460, or send an e-mail to naedalegal@seigfreidbingham.com. All others with questions also are encouraged to consult with counsel.

* The NAEDA Legal Assistance Program is a service provided to retail equipment dealers who are paid members of NAEDA-affiliated associations. The program is operated by Seigfreid Bingham, P.C. Kansas City, MO.

NAEDA has prepared this brochure as a quick reference guide to cover topics of interest to dealers, manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers when dealing with their product lines. 

Download of copy of Dealer-Supplier Agreements.


Equipment Titling and Registration

A special task force is discussing issues related to titling and registration. NAEDA is a member of the Equipment Titling and Registration Task Force, which developed a briefing paper that outlines the issues under review.

Download a copy of the Titling and Registration Briefing Paper.

For information or to submit comments, contact: naeda@naeda.com

The National Equipment Register (NER), a division of ISO Crime Analytics, and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)’s 2011 heavy-equipment theft report focuses on the types of equipment most likely to be stolen (or recovered) and where in the U.S. the thefts are occurring. The report also highlights the direct and indirect costs of theft for owners and insurers. New statistics and analyses have been added to the 2011 report, such as a map of the United States illustrating theft and recovery rates at the county level.

Access the 2011 Equipment Theft Report.

For a list of legislative and regulatory resources, click here.

Download a copy of the Steel Price Study.

Download a copy of the U.S. Agricultural Equipment Report.

See Legislative & Regulatory Resources for more information.

The Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) has given NAEDA permission to post the recommended generic FEMA Warranty Claim Form on this Web site.

Download a copy of the Warranty Claim Form.

Note: Please contact NAEDA when a shortline manufacturer does not accept the recommended generic FEMA Warranty Claim Form.