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NAEDA offers limited free legal assistance to dealers affiliated with NAEDA. The program is offered through NAEDA's legal firm, Seigfreid Bingham, P.C.


The legal assistance program is available to dealers who are

  1. direct members of NAEDA, or
  2. paid members of one of NAEDA's state, regional or provincial associations and reported to NAEDA as a paid member of an affiliate.

For information, call Lance Formwalt at 816/421-4460, write lancef@seigfreidbingham.com or contact NAEDA.


Resources for Dealers

Questions to Ask Before Acquiring a Manufacturer Line: This brochure includes two sections: 10 Important Provisions in a Contract and Questions to Ask Before Signing a Contract.

Download Questions to Ask Before Acquiring a Manufacturer Line.

(Preprinted copies of the brochure are not available.)

Note: Questions to Ask Before Acquiring a Manufacturer Line is offered in cooperation with the Ohio-Michigan Equipment Dealers Association, which developed the brochure for the equipment industry.

For additional dealer resources, click here.