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July/August 2012
There are times when the choices confronting us are clear and obvious.  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we should acknowledge the importance of the moment.  Such is the case with the upcoming United States of America elections on November 6, 2012.
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Paul Kindinger Says:
8/21/2012 2:38:22 PM
You make an interesting point! Thank you.
Jay Chapman Says:
8/21/2012 11:34:48 AM
Paul this is well written and I am very involved in our local community. We give to all sorts of civic, school, and religious organizations. We feel this is our duty. There is however one thing that you have suggested that we never do. That is get publically involved in political races. It doesn't matter which candidate I support with my vote, I publically have to remain neutral. You see in my community everyone is either related or are friends. If I held a fundraiser for one candidate I would offend the friends and family of the the other and that doesn't bode well for buisness
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