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NAEDA & Association News

Members of the Ohio-Michigan Equipment Dealers Association (OMEDA) and Mid-America Equipment Retailers Association (MAERA) have voted to merge effective January 1, 2016.  Implementing the complete merger will be a process over the next few months, but will be overseen by a unified Board of Directors. The newly formed association will be called the United Equipment Dealers Association (UEDA) and will represent 747 members in four states including: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. 

UEDA will be overseen by twelve board members comprised of members from these four states.
Last fall, the OMEDA and MAERA board of directors approved a merger plan and submitted it to the members for a ratification vote. The members approved the merger by an overwhelming margin.

“This merger is another step in the process that began in 2007 when OMEDA and MAERA formed an association management company, AMG, LLC, with joint ownership by both Associations.” said Kim Rominger, CEO and Executive Vice President for UEDA. “With the continued consolidation of dealerships operating in multiple states this merger strengthens the unified voice for all dealers in our region. The Association will be able to react quicker and represent all of our members’ interests in a more effective manner. This will also give us increased strength of numbers when speaking with manufacturers on issues and concerns going forward.” Read More...

Industry & Manufacturing News
Regulations Will Play Key Part in Advance in Agriculture

While most farm equipment sales languish in a line-chart valley, sales of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) are on an upward trajectory. Wheat farmer and UAV expert Robert Blair says fixed-wing vehicles, not hover craft, will be the choice of professionals in the ag industry. 

"Farmers have gobbled up UAVs left and right," Robert Blair, an Idaho farmer who has been a pioneer in UAV applications for agriculture, recently told DTN/The Progressive Farmer. "2016 will be the year of the UAV." Read more. Source: DTN/Progressive Farmer Read More...

Industry & Manufacturing News
Part 1

Outdoor Power Equipment Magazine recently surveyed many of the OPE industry’s top executives about the state of the industry heading into 2016. In particular, they asked the following questions:

1) What is new and exciting about your company or organization heading into 2016?
2) What were the OPE industry’s top news stories in 2015, and what will they be in 2016?
3) What are your predictions for the 2016 U.S. presidential race — who will be each party’s nominee, who will be elected the next president, and how will the outcome affect the OPE industry?
4) What will be the OPE industry’s hottest trends in 2016?
5) What is your overall outlook for the OPE industry in 2016?

To review the written responses received, click here.

Legislative & Regulatory News

The EPA released the final rulemaking for 2014-2016 RFS standards on November 30. This release follows preliminary rulemaking released on May 29 of this year. The biodiesel and advanced mandates in the final rulemaking were only slightly larger than in the preliminary proposal. The ethanol mandates, as expected, were cut below statutory levels each year. However, the ethanol mandates, particularly for 2015 and 2016, were raised more than many expected compared to the levels in the preliminary proposal. Even though many were surprised, the increases in the ethanol mandates in the final rulemaking were consistent with the stated intention of the EPA to have a “push” in the mandates above the E10 blend wall. Language in the final rule making clearly confirmed this push strategy. Read more. Read More...

Legislative & Regulatory News

USDA’s annual report confirms struggles ahead for rural areas. USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) released its 2015 "Rural America at a Glance" report, which confirms what most rural residents already know well: Many rural areas continue to experience population loss, higher poverty rates, and lower educational attainment than urban areas.  Read More...

Industry & Manufacturing News

Last week’s positive test for highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) appears to be confined within the borders of Indiana and officials are hoping to keep it that way. The disease has affected 401,000 birds, 245,000 turkeys and 156,000 chickens after first being detected and confirmed last Thursday. Since the initial confirmation of the H7N8 strain of the virus, several more positive confirmations were reported, but many turned out to be low-path strains of the virus. According to John Clifford, USDA’s chief veterinarian, “it appears that there was a low pathogenic virus circulating in the poultry population in this area, and that virus likely mutated into a highly pathogenic virus in one flock.” Dealers are reminded to follow safety precautions when servicing equipment in affected areas. Read More...

Legislative & Regulatory News

A pair of legal challenges filed by the developer behind the Keystone XL pipeline could end up being a big headache for President Obama, who tried to put the issue to rest in November. TransCanada Corp., which wanted to build the oil pipeline from Canada’s oil sands to Gulf Coast refiners, filed a dispute under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and a separate federal lawsuit Wednesday challenging Obama’s rejection of a cross-border permit.

Experts say that the NAFTA challenge, in which TransCanada is asking for $15 billion to compensate for losses from the cancellation, is the more likely of the challenges to succeed, while the domestic lawsuit is a broad constitutional claim with longer odds. Read more.  Source: The Hill Read More...

Industry & Manufacturing News

ARI Network Services, Inc. has announced t has signed an agreement with The Toro Company to build and host Toro-branded websites for its network of residential and landscape contractor equipment dealers throughout North America. Read the press releaseRead More...

Legislative & Regulatory News

EDA's staff along with association executives were very busy in 2015 concerning legislative and lobbying work. We wish to thank those dealers who participated at every level, whether through the Fly-in, made telephone calls or sent letters to their respective representators and senators. Without your assistance our successes could not have been possible. A review of the activities and successes can be read here. Read More...

Industry & Manufacturing News

2015 was a busy and successful year for EDA’s staff and the Industry Relations Task Force members concerning manufacturer relations efforts. We want to thank everyone involved in these efforts that lead to a very successful year. A summary review of our efforts on behalf of dealers can be read hereRead More...

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