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Task Groups Complete Initial Work NAEDA board to consider recommendations for enhancing member service

For the past several months, eight task groups have been working behind the scenes to address the priorities or focus areas for transitioning NAEDA to a new governance model. Later this month, the task groups will present their findings and recommendations to the NAEDA Board of Directors for consideration. The meeting promises to be an exciting opportunity to plot the course for significant change within the association - change that will enhance service to the members and better position NAEDA for continued success.

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A Brief Respite From Task Group Updates Legislative and educational opportunities within the coming months.

Last month, I promised an update on the progress of the Governance/Structure Task Group. However, this month, I need to briefly change the focus of this column in order to provide timely information on a couple of upcoming opportunities.

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Task Groups Formed and Ready for Action! Volunteers step up to study reshaping of NAEDA.

It is rare to have an opportunity to reshape an organization - especially, one that has more than 100 years of service to its members. Change is hard. It is controversial, politically sensitive and challenging, while status quo is comfortable and uncomplicated. However, change can also be invigorating, motivating and rewarding. It can offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to assume a leadership role in positioning an organization for continued success - strengthening its foundation, refocusing its priorities, enhancing its value proposition and enabling its volunteer and staff leaders to focus on the goals and objectives of the organization.

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Creating a New and Improved NAEDA Phoenix workshop identifies priorities as NAEDA moves toward a new structure and brand

     If you don't like change, your’re going to like irrelevance even less.” This 2003 quote from General EricShinseki, chief of staff, U.S. Army, exemplifies the spirit of NAEDA’s leadership when they amended the association’s bylaws in September 2013. Let’s work together to embrace and initiate change within the association rather than wait and react to external changes.

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Are Drones in Your Future? Unmanned aerial vehicles could become a profitable revenue source for equipment dealers.

As more progressive farming operations have grasped new technologies to make producing the nation’s and world’s food supply more efficient, progressive equipment dealers and the companies they represent have strived to keep pace with the advancements in agricultural technology. GPS, precision agriculture and more recently, coordination by telematics, comprise the current generations of technological applications that most dealers are and have been assisting customers with for years.

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Two NAEDA Surveys Conducted Watch for publication of results from these surveys of NAEDA dealers.

In December 2013, NAEDA conducted a readership survey for our monthly publication, Equipment Dealer. The purpose of the survey was to identify whether our current editorial content was in line with readers’ needs, as well as solicit additional topic content for the future.

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Here's what we told Congress NAEDA has lobbied hard for its positions on tax reform.

WOW! Congress adjourned in December with a two-year budget deal. Who would have thought that was possible, given the fact that they are even more unpopular than the president who is going to sign this deal. Just remember Congress will be back in Washington in January to discuss a host of unfinished business after their return and the elections next fall.

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NAEDA appoints New President & CEO Image: NAEDA appoints New President & CEO Richard “Rick” Lawhun will assume office on January 1

The NAEDA Board of Directors has named Richard E. “Rick” Lawhun president and chief executive officer, effective Jan. 1, 2014. Lawhun has more than 30 years of experience with demonstrated leadership in strategic planning, program development, membership growth and financial management.

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2013 Tax Depreciation/Expense Rules By Jack Selzer

For the last two years about this time, I provided the basic tax depreciation/expense rules that can help salespeople in making new and used equipment sales before year end. Because of some changes, it is timely to revisit these rules.

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Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) By Frank Bryant

In January 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and New Cingular Wireless (NCW) reached an administrative settlement requiring the company to pay a civil penalty of $750,000 regarding alleged reporting, planning and permitting violations at 332 legacy AT&T Wireless (AWS) sites now owned by NCW. The basis of the case was NCW’s failure to comply with the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know (EPCRA) reporting requirements related to the presence of sulfuric acid and diesel.

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