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Recognizing and Treating Heat Illnesses - Thursday May 21, 2015, 11:00am Central Time

The summer is coming, which means that your employees are at increased risk for heat illness. Heat is the number one weather related killer; are you prepared to educate and protect your employees? Join KPA expert, Claudia Reynolds, as she covers all of the nuances of heat illness. Claudia will discuss:

  • Types of heat illness
  • Body temperature regulation
  • Individuals with increased risk
  • Heat illness treatment
  • Heat prevention lesson plans
  • What to do in an emergency

Register now to save your employees this summer!

Alert, Legislative & Regulatory News

As member of the Trade Benefits America Coalition, NAEDA agreed to add their name to a senate letter to express strong support for the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015 (TPA-2015). The letter urges senators to vote for this important legislation. The letter acknowledges the bipartisan leadership in the Senate, the significant movement on this legislation and the hope it will pass prior to the Memorial Day recess. A copy of the draft letter can be read here. Read More...

Legislative & Regulatory News

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 261-155 Tuesday evening to block EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers from moving ahead with the controversial "waters of the U.S." rule.  DTN/Progressive Farmer Read More...

Legislative & Regulatory News

Senate Democrats on Tuesday delivered a stinging blow to President Obama¬í's trade agenda by voting to prevent the chamber from picking up fast-track legislation. A motion to cut off a filibuster and proceed to the trade bill fell short of a 60-vote hurdle.  The Hill Read More...

Legislative & Regulatory News

House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan and Senate Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch on Monday wrote to small business leaders, including NAEDA, asking for ideas on how to cut the effective tax rate for businesses that file on the individual side of the tax code. "We are looking for ideas on how to reduce the effective tax rate without reducing the statutory tax rates in a manner that will make small businesses more competitive and better able to invest, grow, hire, and increase wages for their employees," the chairmen wrote. NAEDA will be responding to the request and will make this a top priority issue for the May 20-21 Fly-in. A copy of the letter can be read here. Read More...

Legislative & Regulatory News

Your voice is more important than ever! The H-2B cap for the second half of fiscal 2015 was reached on March 26, leaving thousands of H-2B employers in the lurch this year. Read More...

NAEDA & Association News

Tom Nobbe, owner of Wm Nobbe & Company Inc. in Waterloo, IL and member of the North American Equipment Dealers Association was among the nineteen business executives who gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona, on February 19-20 to participate in the 2015 Federated Insurance Advisory Council. In its 26th consecutive year, the Advisory Council provides a forum for business leaders to openly discuss the challenges facing their industries with a trusted insurance provider. Federated Insurance Read More...

Industry & Manufacturing News

Most gasoline now contains 10 percent ethanol (E10). But, you may see higher ethanol blended gas available for sale – such as 15, 30, 50 or 85 percent ethanol gas – at a gasoline filling station. These higher ethanol blends may even be cheaper than E10, and your consumers may be tempted to buy the higher ethanol content gasoline because of its lower cost.

But, price is no longer the way to choose gasoline safely.  You have to choose the right fuel.

To help the equipment dealer and manufacturing community with this critical issue, OPEI has launched a “Look Before You Pump” campaign to educate and protect consumers from inadvertently mis-fueling their equipment investments.


To learn more about how you can prepare your customers to select the right fuel for their small engine products, UTVs and outdoor power equipment. Read More...

NAEDA & Association News
  NAEDA and Federated will again host a 2 ½ day Designated Risk Management Seminar on July 13-15 at Federated HQs in Owatonna, MN.  Companies most successful at controlling losses have designated a key person as their risk manager. This person is supported by top management and is both responsible and accountable for identifying loss exposures and implementing risk management solutions.  This popular seminar is developed to target specific risk management concerns for the equipment industry. It is a valuable training tool for all risk managers, regardless of their experience in the position.  See attached Flyer.
NAEDA & Association News

Federated Insurance is excited to announce a partnership with leading transportation, safety, and compliance professionals J.J. Keller & Associates Inc.® to offer Federated clients another source of employee risk management training for any type or size of business. Read More...

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