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Task Groups Formed and Ready for Action!

Posted: 6/5/2014 | Views: 7689
Volunteers step up to study reshaping of NAEDA.

It is rare to have an opportunity to reshape an organization - especially, one that has more than 100 years of service to its members. Change is hard. It is controversial, politically sensitive and challenging, while status quo is comfortable and uncomplicated. However, change can also be invigorating, motivating and rewarding. It can offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to assume a leadership role in positioning an organization for continued success - strengthening its foundation, refocusing its priorities, enhancing its value proposition and enabling its volunteer and staff leaders to focus on the goals and objectives of the organization.

Since last month’s article titled “Creating a New and Improved NAEDA,” more than 40 members, affiliate executives and staff volunteered to serve on the task groups mentioned in the article. The following chairs and vice chairs are currently guiding the efforts of each group:

Governance / Structure - purpose and authority of committees, councils and affiliates
Chair: Brian Carpenter, Northeast Equipment Dealers Association
Vice Chairs: Matthew Larsgaard, North Dakota Implement Dealers Association
Gary Manke, Midwest Equipment Dealers Association

Membership - member database, membership categories, dues structure and application/renewal process
Chair: Jay Chapman, Deep South Equipment Dealers Association
Vice Chairs: Billy Adams, Southern Equipment Dealers Association
Rich Strom, Minnesota-South Dakota Equipment Dealers Association

Communications - media strategy, messaging platform and translation/localization opportunities
Chair: Mark Foster, Mid-America Equipment Retailers Association
Vice Chairs: Mike Caraway, SouthEastern Equipment Dealers Association
Ron Moore, Pacific Northwest Association

Manufacturer Relations - issues and opportunities for ensuring a positive working environment for dealers and manufacturers
Chair: Blaine Bingham, Far West Equipment Dealers Association
Vice Chairs: Andy Goodman, Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association
Kim Rominger, Mid-America Equipment Retailers Association and Ohio-Michigan Equipment Dealers Association

Government Relations - federal (U.S. and Canada) legislative issues affecting the industry
Chair: Farrell Oswald, Pacific Northwest Association
Vice Chairs: Brad Griffin, Montana Equipment Dealers Association
John Schmeiser, Canada West Equipment Dealers Association

Regulatory Compliance - federal (U.S. and Canada), state, province and local compliance issues affecting the industry
Chair: Tom Nobbe, Midwest Equipment Dealers Association
Vice Chairs: Ralph Gaiss, Northeast Equipment Dealers Association
Mike Williams, NAEDA National Office

Member Services - programs and services to address operational, educational and professional development opportunities within the industry
Chair: Gail Halderman, Canada West Equipment Dealers Association
Vice Chairs: Steve Kost, Far West Equipment Dealers Association
Vince Zebeau, Deep South Equipment Dealers Association

Branding / Marketing* - logo, tag lines, color scheme, media strategy (communications), messaging platform (communications) and co-branding
Chair: Rick Lawhun, NAEDA National Office
* This group is functioning somewhat differently from the other task groups, as every board member, affiliate executive and staff person is assisting in developing the new brand.

In addition to the chairs and vice chairs listed above, each task group has an additional six to 12 members representing every affiliate organization within NAEDA. This broad participation signifies an overwhelming commitment to create a strong national organization that meets the needs of its members.

Next month, I will provide an update on the progress of the Governance/Structure Task Group. As always, your ideas, issues and suggestions are welcome, so please feel free to contact me at or 636-349-6221.

Thank you for being a valued member of NAEDA.

RICHARD “Rick” LAWHUN is president/CEO of North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA). The association provides educational, legal, legislative and financial services to approximately 5,500 retail agricultural, construction, large property/rural lifestyle and outdoor power equipment dealers in the United States and Canada. Rick can be contacted at 636-349-6221 or via e-mail at

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