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EETC is pleased to announce the addition of Briggs & Stratton’s Training Kits and Curriculum

Posted: 6/17/2014 | Views: 2207

The Equipment & Engine Training Council is pleased to announce the addition of Briggs & Stratton’s Training Kits and Curriculum to the online EETC Education Resources Web Site. 
Tom Billigen, Briggs & Stratton Customer Education Training Manager, commented that, “the need for hands on, experience-based training is becoming increasingly important to schools and the communities they serve. Working with the EETC and its membership to provide that support makes sense.”

Briggs & Stratton educational materials will appear on the EETC site beginning in June. Erik Sides, EETC’s Executive Director, said, “being able to offer a broader array of training options through our web site has been one of my primary goals since taking on this position in January 2013. Adding Briggs’ curriculum to the site gives members access to another proven training resource.”

About: Equipment & Engine Training Council Inc.
Founded in 1997, the Equipment & Engine Training Council Inc. is a non-profit association whose goal is to address the shortage of qualified service technicians in the outdoor power equipment industry. Made up of more than 2500 industry professionals including manufacturers, distributors, dealers, associations, technicians and educators the EETC is striving to create professional outdoor power equipment technicians for today’s sophisticated outdoor power equipment products. In order to meet these needs the association has developed the EETC Technician Certification program to measure the skill level of repair technicians working in the industry today. They have also developed the EETC School Accreditation program to establish industry standards and provide a network of industry support for high schools and colleges that have or looking to start an outdoor power equipment program training future technicians. In July 2014, EETC will launch an E-Learning program to help educate its members and technicians. To learn more about the EETC, visit our website at eetc.org

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