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9 Ways to Diversify Your Social Content

Posted: 7/16/2014 | Views: 563

Content is king, but it can be difficult to continue to come up with new and exciting content ideas for you website, blog, and social media. Utilize the following concepts to refresh your social media strategy:

1. Post an interview 
Interview someone influential at your dealership. Highlight anything that is current at your dealership, including how‐to videos explaining and demonstrating new car features, upcoming sale details, or the inner workings of the dealership. The interview can be videoed, recorded, or written.
2. Make it visual
Social media visuals don’t have to be professionally made infographics. Take any clean, well demonstrated visual, even a picture of a whiteboard at your dealership, and post it with a meaningful message.
3. Tell a customer story
Take the last fantastic sale you had and tell your followers about it. Make sure to include how you went above and beyond to provide your customer with exactly what they needed. In this case, a picture of a happy customer can make the story real, as well as make it worth a 1,000 words.
4. Shoot a quick video
Have something important to say? Create a short and sweet video and post it on your social media sites. Videos can be just as powerful as words.
5. Broadcast a review
Did you get a good dealership review? Or maybe one of your brand vehicles is getting rave reviews from buyers everywhere. Tell the world about it! Good news can convince a potential buyer to check out your dealership or inventory.
6. Answer popular questions
Do you get the same questions over and over about new car features or the buying process? Create an article about it, post the question on your social media, and answer it with a link to your article. You’re providing valuable information to your customers and creating valuable content at the same time.
7. Provide need‐to‐know information
Create a post about the top things buyers need to know about car purchasing. Providing valuable information will answer their questions and complete their research before they even walk into your dealership.
8. Highlight your inventory
Every time you get a new vehicle in, or if you’re just focusing upon a specific car, highlight it on your social pages. Post VDPs to get as much mileage out of your inventory as possible.
9. Respond to a comment
Sometimes a customer may post valuable comments or an important question on your social sites. Post and respond to them in a blog. Many people may have similar questions; publically responding to them allows your other customers and potential buyers quick and easy access to the information.

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