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Your Assistance is needed - NAEDA Compensation and Benefits Survey

All dealers should have received an email and survey link via email to access the NAEDA Compensation and Benefits Survey.  Read More...

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Industry & Manufacturing News
Vermeer Corporation announces family succession plans
As part of its family succession planning process, Vermeer Corporation today announced that third-generation
family member, Jason Andringa, will serve as the company’s next President & CEO effective Nov. 1, 2015.  Read More...
John Deere Announces 400 additional layoffs

Deere & Company announced August 25 that it will place approximately 460 employees who work in the company's Waterloo, Iowa operations on indefinite layoff in response to current market demand for its products. Deere said employees were informed today of the layoffs, which are effective October 20th.  Read More...

GIE+EXPO has it all -- Even UTVs

Attendees at the 2014 GIE+EXPO will find a new emphasis on work utility vehicles in Louisville this October. In addition to seeing the UTVs on the indoor show floor, attendees will be able to get hands-on with exhibitors offering test tracks in the Outdoor Demonstration Area. Also, attendees will have the opportunity to enter the Polaris Work UTV Giveaway! One lucky winner will have the option to select a Polaris BRUTUS, GEM or RANGER Work UTV. Each attendee will receive an entry with their show badge. To enter, they must drop off the completed entry at the Polaris indoor booth (7212) by the end of the show, Friday, Oct. 24. GIE+EXPO is set for October 22-24 at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Register today. Info:, 800-558-8767 or Facebook.  

Long-term trends in rural depopulation and their implications for community banks

When the FDIC conducted the prior study in 2004, continued depopulation of much of America’s rural areas seemed to be inevitable, as many of these areas, particularly in the Great Plains, were caught in a slow, self-reinforcing circle of decline. Population trends have, in fact, worsened since 2000: Not only are depopulation trends now covering more of the country than they did in 2000, but also in many areas the depopulation is accelerating.

Despite these adverse trends, as of early 2014 there are a few favorable developments affecting population flows in pockets of rural America. Most significant is the advent of the energy extraction of shale oil and natural gas in parts of the rural depopulating Great Plains and Appalachia -This exploration activity requires significant manpower, and some of these areas have seen large increases in population. On a much smaller scale, positive population trends may be developing in some areas.  Read More...

Deere announces third-quarter earnings of $851 million
  • Slowdown in farm economy contributes to lower profits for agricultural equipment.
  • Construction and forestry and financial-services businesses have higher results.
  • Full-year earnings forecast about $3.1 billion.

Legislative & Regulatory News
EPA Sends RFS to OMB

The Environmental Protection Agency sent the final Renewable Fuel Standard to the Office of Management and Budget on Friday, August 22 triggering a broader review of the proposal that could trim as much as 3 billion gallons of mandated biofuels production from the RFS.  Read More...

Economists say Fed is on ‘the right track’: survey

A majority of economists believe the Federal Reserve is doing the right things to help repair the U.S. economy, according to a survey released Monday by the National Association of Business Economists.

The survey also showed that a vast majority of economists believe the U.S. economy is at little risk of inflation in the coming years.  Read More...

Obama hits the gas on regs

Groups that closely follow regulations are expecting the Obama administration to continue issuing controversial rules through the midterm elections, despite the political risk it could pose for Democrats.

With time running out on President Obama’s second term, federal agencies are hitting the gas on a number of regulatory initiatives that are central to the White House’s “go-it-alone” agenda.  Read More...

Panel rules against U.S. in meat-labeling dispute

The U.S. has lost a key round at the World Trade Organization in a trade dispute with Canada and Mexico over meat labeling in a decision sent to all three countries in July.

Canada and Mexico opposed a new U.S. rule that requires more information on labels about the origins of beef, pork and other meats, which went into effect in November.  They took their case to the WTO, saying the rule hurts their competitiveness.  Read More...

Canadian News
Canadian economy added 42,000 jobs in July, not 200 as Statistics Canada originally said

Turns out, Canada’s employment picture isn’t as bleak as it first appeared. After an unprecedented and massive revision, Statistics Canada said on Friday 42,000 jobs were created in July - not the measly 200 originally reported by the federal agency only a week earlier.  Read More...

Harper Government supports opportunities for women in the skilled trades

Ted Opitz, Member of Parliament for Etobicoke - Centre, on behalf of the Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, spoke on Saturday about the importance of recruiting and advancing women in the skilled trades.  Mr. Opitz made his remarks at the 2014 National Apprenticeship Contest, hosted by the Carpenters' Local Union 27 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Trust Fund in Toronto, Ontario.  Read More...

Finance Minister Joe Oliver warns global tensions threaten Canada’s growth

Finance Minister Joe Oliver acknowledges that the Canadian economy is facing a challenging future, one that could see a fragile global recovery and geo-political risks hampering growth in employment and exports. Even so, he is standing by Ottawa’s pledge to cut personal taxes and balance the budget next year, when the Conservatives will head into a federal election campaign.  Read More...

Bank of Canada won’t follow Fed’s lead on interest rates, Poloz says

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz wants to make something perfectly clear: When the Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates, Canada’s central bank won’t necessarily follow immediately.  Read More...

Stephen Harper embarking on annual tour of the North

Stephen Harper is set to embark on his annual trek to the North, his ninth time doing so since becoming prime minister. The Prime Minister's Office says this year's trip is meant to showcase the science, technology and research that are underway in the North.  Read More...

Canadian farmers may harvest less Wheat and Canola in 2014

Canadian wheat growers will probably reduce output by 26 percent this year and canola production will also fall, the government’s statistics agency said today.  Read More...

Minister Gerry Ritz Celebrates Seven Years in Agriculture Portfolio

Seven years ago today, on August 14th 2007, Gerry Ritz  (Battlefords-Lloydminister MP) was sworn in as the Minister of Agriculture, making him one of the longest-serving agriculture ministers in Canadian history.  Read More...

WTO rules against U.S. in Meat Label Case

A World Trade Organization panel has ruled against the United States in a trade dispute over meat labels with Canada and Mexico, according to a Wall Street Journal report.  Read More...

Deep tax cuts opens Northern Front for U.S. Companies

Canada has become the latest frontier for U.S. companies fleeing the high cost of business, spurred by low corporate taxes and a policy that keeps international earnings out of the clutches of the Internal Revenue Service.  Read More...

NAEDA, Association & Program Partner News
OPE Dealer Council to meet at GIE+EXPO
NAEDA’s OPE Dealer Council will meet on Wednesday, October 22 prior to GIE+EXPO in Louisville, KY.  The Council will meet jointly with OPE Councils of the Ohio-Michigan and Northeast Equipment Dealers Associations.  The Councils discuss key issues relative to the industry and bring forth requests and action items to be addressed by the association’s board of directors.  If you have any items for consideration to added to the meeting agenda please forward them to Joe Dykes at NAEDA at or 636-349-6205.  
Early-bird registration discount deadline for GIE+EXPO September 11

GIE+EXPO 2014's $15 early-bird registration fee is available through Sept. 11 at  Read More...

Consider a contribution to NAEDA's Equipment Dealers Foundation

NAEDA’s Equipment Dealers Foundation (EDF) was created to provide grants to meet the industry’s need for training resources, career advancements and scholarships.  Through the years, the EDF has expanded its efforts to help dealership employees affected by natural disasters.  Moving forward, your support is needed for research, grants and scholarships to continue to enhance our industry.  Read More...

Tip of the Month


Tip of the Month: Electronic Waste – A Growing Problem

What do I do with all of this electronic junk? The different vehicle Electronic Control Modules, the in dash GPS, the mp3/CD player, an old wiring harness, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors, the motorized seat motors… 

Good question – difficult answer

First off – let’s get the easy question out of the way: what do you do with the batteries in these devices? All small batteries in electronic devices are considered universal wastes (a hazardous waste with lesser management requirements). So that button cell battery in the a computer, the TPMS device, and the vehicles key fob are all universal wastes if they have batteries and should be managed as such.

But what about the electronics surrounding the batteries?

The good news is that KPA has not seen any dealers cited by the federal EPA for illegal disposal of electronic components (without batteries). The bad news is that the EPA doesn’t make it easy to figure out what to do. They simply fall by the standard that the generator must make a waste determination. So how do you handle the determination? The canned, unhelpful answer is that you are supposed to crush up a sample and send it to a lab to have it tested to determine if it’s hazardous. The problem is that there’s no guarantee that one electronic component had lead solder or cadmium components and another didn’t. Therefore, there is really no long-term guarantee that one electronic waste stream will test as hazardous or not. 

California has a slightly different answer to the question of electronic waste. California has an electronic waste recycling program and essentially anything with a screen/monitor should be recycled through an e-waste recycling company. The good news is that because of the e-waste regulations, there are a lot of e-waste recycling companies and for no cost or minimal fees you can have your business e-waste picked up and disposed of.

OK so now what?

In most cases, if you recycle these components they are likely to be overlooked by regulators and in many cases they may not even be considered hazardous once recycled. So recycling is probably your best bet. Besides, there are likely some significant cost savings to be had by recycling rather than landfilling these wastes. 

From the NAEDA Office
A Brief Respite From Task Group Updates
Legislative and educational opportunities within the coming months.

Last month, I promised an update on the progress of the Governance/Structure Task Group. However, this month, I need to briefly change the focus of this column in order to provide timely information on a couple of upcoming opportunities.  Read More...

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