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AEM elects 2013 officers

Posted: 11/12/2012 | Views: 423
Industry leaders guide equipment manufacturers trade group
The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) announces its newly-elected 2013 officers:
  • Chair is Stuart Levenick, Group President of Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, Illinois
  • Vice Chair is Richard Patek,President Telsmith & Group Vice President Aggregate & Mining of Astec Industries Inc., Mequon, Wisconsin
  • Treasurer is Michael Haberman,President of Gradall Industries Inc., New Philadelphia, Ohio
  • Secretary is Dennis Slater,AEM’s full-time President, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • AG Sector Board Chair is Robert Kolb, Vice President Global Business Development of GEA Farm Technologies Inc., Naperville, Illinois
  • CE Sector Board Chair is John Patterson, Chairman and CEO of JCB Inc., Pooler, Georgia

AEM’s Board of Directors, led by the officers, sets the guidelines and operating policies of AEM on behalf of members in areas including public policy, equipment statistics and market information, trade shows, technical and product safety support, global business development, education/training, workforce development, and worksite safety/educational materials.


Source: AEM

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