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House to hold RFS hearings this summer

Posted: 4/29/2013 | Views: 578
Energy Committee issuing white papers on RFS, seeks comments

Hearings will be held this summer to examine the Renewable Fuel Standard, a law mandating blending of renewable fuels into petroleum-based fuels.

The hearings will be held by the Energy and Commerce Committee chaired by Congressman Fred Upton, R-Mich. No date has been set for the hearings.

The RFS, part of the Clean Air Act, was first introduced in 2005 and amended in 2007. It mandates volumes of renewable fuel be blended into petroleum-based fuels which ratchets up each year through 2022. The total volume mandate for 2013 is 16.55 billion gallons of which 13.8 billion gallons is to come from starch-based ethanol, primarily made from corn. That amount would increases to 15 billion gallons by 2015.

The committee is issuing a series of white papers on the RFS and is currently soliciting input from interested stakeholders.


Source: DTN

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Elena Says:
5/17/2013 12:53:23 AM
an Amazon study conducted eralier this year, by the Soybean Work Group (GTS), “showed that of 630 samples of deforested areas since July 2006, only 12 had gone to soybeans and 200 to cattle. The remaining 418, or 70 percent, were unused indicating that the main reason for cutting down trees was for timber and land grabbing.”Hypothetically, if indirect land use change was actually happening, expansion of a sugar crop in India could have caused it. Expanding rice or cassava in China could have caused it. A new palm oil plantation in Indonesia could have caused it. A new jatropha grove in Africa may have caused it. A new cattle ranch in Argentina may have caused it. An apple orchard in New Zealand could have caused it, and so on.Deforestation is Not automatic proof that biofuels are the cause. Yet a lawyer, a lobbyist, an environmental activist, a biofuels critic, the mastermind of indirect land use change theory, has been allowed to steer EPA computer modeling to blame biofuels. That’s junk science.The EPA underestimates food byproducts that come out of biofuel crops. For example, when an acre of corn is processed to make ethanol, you also get over 20 gallons of corn oil and over 50 bushels of high protein livestock feed, used to produce food. Two thirds of that acre of corn, and the energy inputs to grow it and harvest it, goes to ethanol. The other third goes to food production. For biodiesel fuel, extracted from soybeans, 20% of the acre goes to the oil, and 80% goes to livestock feed that produces food. Only 1/5 of a soy acre is used for fuel. Because the EPA gets these relationships wrong, it falsely pro-rates the energy inputs between fuel and food and thereby overestimates the emissions of the fuel component.The EPA fails to accurately measure the carbon footprint of foreign oil shipped thousands of miles to the U.S. burning dirty bunker fuel and conventional diesel. And, in addition to that, 12 to 15% of the U.S. military budget is spent to protect our for
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