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Program cuts, price declines could put farmers at risk

Posted: 8/20/2013 | Views: 269

With early signs of softening agricultural commodity prices, Canadian Federation of Agriculture directors are calling on governments to commit to a review next year of the effectiveness of weakened safety net programs. There are also warnings that cuts in the level of program coverage could entice farmers into direct political action and protest rallies that have not been seen for years.


Source: The Western Producer

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Deepak Says:
9/11/2013 1:29:22 PM
Acutally I think it is a great strategy for us and the NDP. First off, the more D... is mgnriaalized and left out of the central debate, the more people will concentrate on who they want to be government and who they want to be the official opposition. Conservatives for government and NDP for official opposition. Harper and Layton should make a concerted effort to never, never mention D...'s name and to always respond in a manner that treats anything Liberals say as a voice from the darkness, a third tier group. Be nice, polite but never respond to them as if what they are saying is of any value. Ignore them and they will go away. (Let's hope)
Akane Says:
9/11/2013 5:21:44 AM
Emulate scary Harper and steal his platform and maybe win aohentr minority.Now uncle Pauly has a hidden agenda. Must he stay in power no matter what the cost. Once again either Pauly is lying about the scary Conservative policies or he realizes the public is finally on to the Liberals stuffing their pockets at every turn. Are the Liberals really afraid that once we win a minority and open the books to the public the Liberal party will cease to exist? [url=]vzyngk[/url] [link=]hayeka[/link]
Leonid Says:
9/10/2013 3:00:05 AM
faerie love never dies, he never said you cant not still love another at the same time! -gasp- BUT that could also mean Rathina could fall in love with sooemne else! How cool would that be?!Oh btw I cant figure out how your going to tie everything up in the last book .so in that case you HAVE to write more. Ok? Ok good. Lol
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