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Canada dollar falls on bets economy trailing as Fed Taper Looms

Posted: 8/20/2013 | Views: 626

Canada’s dollar fell versus its U.S. counterpart as an unexpected drop in manufacturing sales added to signs the nation’s economy is lagging behind that of its biggest trading partner. The currency dropped this week versus most major peers while the U.S. dollar climbed as American economic data bolstered bets the Federal Reserve will start slowing stimulus as soon as next month.


Source: Bloomberg

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Jeneva Says:
9/26/2013 3:39:02 AM
that I had paperwork for my new vehicle and should be fine. The receptionist suggested that I take my Hubler Chevy paperwork to the DMV to see if they would issue my new plates/tags.•On March 6, 2009, I went to the DMV (Beechgroove, IN) with my paperwork. They did not see any information regarding my vehicle for me to obtain my plates/tags. The DMV contacted Hubler Chevy and told them that it was there responsibility to give me a dealer plate until the information was updated in their system for me to obtain my plates/tags.•On March 6, 2009, Hubler Chevrolet provided me with a dealer plate (stating that I would only need the plate for a few days until my title information arrived at Hubler Chevrolet). This information never arrived and I never received any additional paperwork.•For me, the alarm siren went off in my head on March 19, 2009. Greg Newlin called to inform me that my financing fell through and that Bank of America was no longer doing auto loans. I expressed that it had been over a month since I signed the documents and that I would think that they received Bank of America’s approval before I drove off of the lot. Greg stated that I was approved, then said that they were not doing anymore auto loans. Greg asked me to fax them some additional financial documentation to allow them to go through another bank/finance institution.•On Friday, March 20, 2009, Greg called to see if I had faxed any additional documentation. At that time, I told him that I would not fax any additional information because this should have been a done deal especially after a month. I have never heard of anything like this and I’ve purchased other vehicles. I told him that this had been one of the worst experiences in purchasing a vehicle that I’d ever had. I asked him to have Hubler Chevrolet cut me a check for the $1000 credit card down payment and to return my 2000 Chevy Blazer to me and that I would return their 2009 vehicle. Greg told me that he understood said that this had neve
Pavla Says:
9/10/2013 1:07:48 AM
AFJ. That's my plan, guys! It's all down to sales now - I've just heard from the German puilsbhers that they're not going to puilsbh books 5 and 6 over there - sales of the first four books have not been good enough! Sad news for German fans! But these days unless you sell heaps of books, the puilsbhers just move on to other things. Probably things with vampires in them!!!!
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