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Ethanol Education: What you need to know and what you need to tell your customers

Posted: 8/23/2013 | Views: 6618

To be sure, most consumers do not understand the intricacies of how our fuel choices are set to change in the United States. For example, when consumers were asked about the 15-percent ethanol (E15) gasoline blend by AAA, the biggest U.S. driving organization, 95 percent of consumers were unaware of this fuel choice. Many would argue that many consumers are not even aware that the current fuel on the market contains 10-percent ethanol (E10).

Any attempt to educate consumers about the changing fuels market is daunting. But, the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) -- with the support of its membership and dealer network -- will be taking on this Herculean task in the second half of 2013. The fact is that higher ethanol fuel blends are entering the marketplace, and they are not meant for outdoor power equipment and small-engine products, such as mowers, chain saws, snow throwers, generators, utility vehicles, or other lawn and landscape equipment. OPE owners and purchasers need to become clear on the correct fuel for which their equipment was designed, built, and warranted -- and use only that fuel.


Source: OPE

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Nacho Says:
9/10/2013 4:14:58 AM
It's not just the cars. I've been keeping my old lawn mower and older sboonlwwer running for years, 'cause the new ones aren't worth a bucket of warm spit. But it's been increasingly difficult with the ethanol-laced fuel, and I suspect it will be more difficult with more ethanol. They're beginning to bug me.MichigammeDave
Ashraf Says:
9/9/2013 6:48:10 AM
hi Greg, what happened to the westibe. the links don't work. in any case, I live in New Mexico and we have a lot of people here making their own biodiesel/ethanol but my question is: is there a way of retrofitting a car, any car to run on the new fuel. Have you done anything in this respect.thanks in advance,michael soussan214-724-8741
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