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Two for One - Planter places two hybrids in field

Posted: 2/25/2014 | Views: 277

From a distance, the Kinze planter looked no different from any others as it chattered across a field Feb. 21 in Moody, Texas. But "under the hood," this Kinze planter had two seed meters for each row and was placing two hybrids in different areas of the field, depending on what a predetermined digital map dictated.

Welcome to the world of concept multi-hybrid planters. This one, which was on its inaugural public run, was the result of a collaboration of Beck's Hybrid's, Kinze Manufacturing and Raven Industries.

The stars seem to be aligning for multi-hybrid planting technology, which promises a bump in yields along with a reduction in seed costs. Electric drives, improved yield maps and specialized hybrids and varieties have made the concept possible.

Both Kinze and Precision Planting announced at the winter farm shows that they have been working on planting systems that can plant two hybrids in the same field pass, putting Hybrid A in one area and Hybrid B in another. The idea would be to use a racehorse variety in the high-producing areas of a field and another -- less expensive -- hybrid in areas with less yield potential. Yield history and agronomic data could help select hybrids that would actually do better in low-yielding areas.

Source: DTN Progressive Farmer

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