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Don't Forget to Participate

Responses are quickly being returned for the EDA Dealer Manufacturer Relations Survey.  Links to the on-line survey questionnaire were distributed to dealers via email on Monday, February 1st. Please check your email Inbox for the survey link from the Equipment Dealers Association. If you don't find the link in your Inbox please check your Junk and or Spam folders.

The purpose of the survey is to measure the level of satisfaction dealers have with their equipment manufacturers. Results from this survey are used as the basis for discussions with equipment manufacturers and by manufacturers to assess strengths and weakness in business operations and dealer relations. 

The report contains important feedback and information about the relationship between dealers and their suppliers. Both the manufacturers and the dealers have found the data useful for improving product and service quality and promoting top-ranked products to consumers. Survey data will also be used to select the EDA Dealer's Choice Award which recognizes companies that have done an exemplary job in the key areas related to the dealer’s business operational model. 

Please take time to participate in this valuable and important survey.

Land Pride Celebrates 30 Years

2016 marks 30 years in business for Land Pride, a Division of Great Plains Manufacturing Inc. Since beginning operations April 1, 1986, Land Pride has grown to employ hundreds of Kansans in communities across Central Kansas and produces some of the best-selling, most durable 3-point implements in the world. Land Pride is a leader in the landscape and light construction industry, as well as an industry-leading manufacturer of folding rotary cutters in 12-, 15-, and 20-foot in widths. As it approaches its 30th anniversary, Land Pride is also establishing itself as a major player in the manufacture of skid steer attachments.

The anniversary year celebration will kick off in Louisville, Ky., at the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show, February 10-13, and will coincide with Great Plains’ 40th anniversary. The Land Pride and Great Plains booths will highlight both anniversaries with special signage, co-branded displays, and over 50 implements occupying over 13,000 square feet.

As part of the anniversary celebration, several employee events are scheduled in April. Additionally, public tours of several Land Pride and Great Plains facilities are planned for late spring. Once plans are finalized, the community will be invited to tour several company locations and get a glimpse into what Land Pride and Great Plains are all about. Events will include walking tours of the production facilities with the opportunity to see a few of the machines working. Dates and further details will be announced at a later date.

Land Pride, based in Salina, Kan., has manufacturing facilities across North Central Kansas with factories in Abilene, Kipp, and Lucas, and a machine shop in Enterprise. Parts and service, as well as research and development facilities are located in Salina, just a few blocks from the corporate headquarters. Land Pride’s U.S. dealer network spans coast-to-coast and border-to-border. International dealers are located in Canada and around the world.

New EEOC Rule Would Expand Reporting to Target Gender Pay Gap

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is proposing to expand employer reporting requirements to target what the Obama administration calls a stubborn and persistent gender pay gap.

Current rules require federal contractors and first-tier subcontractors with more than 50 employees and all companies with more than 100 employees to annually report the number of individuals they employ by job category, race, ethnicity and gender. The new rules, unveiled by President Obama on Jan. 29 and published in the Federal Register on Feb. 1, would require these employers to also report the number of hours employees work and how much they are paid.

The administration says the new rule is necessary to help the EEOC enforce equal pay laws and “provide better insight” into the gender pay gap across industries and occupations. Hillary Clinton has made paycheck equity a top priority in her presidential campaign.

Critics charge that the new proposal is overly intrusive, will impose significant new paperwork burdens on businesses and subject employers to unnecessary and time consuming investigations. The administration plans to roll out the final rule before the end of 2016 and require employers to start providing the additional data in the 2017 reporting cycle.

EDA is reviewing the proposed rules for dealer impacts. Comments are due by April 1 to the EEOC.

Canadian Energy Companies Sell "Jewels" To Keep Oil Sands Afloat

Faced with record low prices for heavy crude, Canadian energy companies are sacrificing other parts of their business to keep higher-cost oil sands production going and safeguard the billions already invested in these multi-decade projects.

Companies including Husky Energy Inc, MEG Energy Corp and Pengrowth Energy Corp are selling assets or slowing light and conventional oil exploration and production, even as they forge ahead with oil sands projects that are in many cases bleeding money on every barrel.

Although the move to support higher-cost production seems counterintuitive, oil sands companies take a longer-term view that shutting plants in Alberta would be very expensive and risk permanently damaging carefully-engineered reservoirs, underground deposits of millions of barrels of tarry bitumen.

It is easier, and cheaper, to shut down and later restart conventional wells. Read more. Source: Reuters

There is Still Time to Register

On March 1 - 4, 2016 EDA will co-host a Legislative Fly-In in Washington D.C. with the Iowa/Nebraska and Minnesota/South Dakota Equipment Dealers Associations. During this must attend event, Dealers will enjoy several social outings, attend informative presentations on timely legislative issues and then take their message to the Hill. Dealers wanting to attend the event should contact Natilie Higgins at The schedule for the event can be read here.

OPE Council to Meet February 22
Agenda Items Requested

The Equipment Dealers Association's  OPE Dealer Council will meet on February 22, 2016 in conjunction with the Joint Annual Meeting of the Deep South, Midwest, Southern and SouthEastern associations in Memphis. The EDA OPE Council meets twice a year, at GIE+EXPO and in February.  At this meeting the OPE Council discusses issues of importance for OPE dealers, develops strategies and provides input and direction for the EDA Board of Directors and staff for the upcoming year.

If you have any discussion items for the OPE Council to consider please forward them to Joe Dykes, VP Industry Relations at 


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