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Sunday, September 21, 2014 Helping Dealers Succeed!
The Dealer Resource Pavilion, co-sponsored by NAEDA, has a new location this year - in the South Wing Lobby.  This is where you will attend Bob Clements' free management classes, check in for tech training and meet your key suppliers.

Visit the NAEDA booth each day, Oct.22-24, to enter to win an Apple iPad.  And hear how NAEDA works on your behalf in areas of government relations, manufacturer/legal issues and regulatory issues.  Also, receive a hands-on look at the OPE Flat-Rate Guide, the industry’s most comprehensive flat-rate service manual.

Join NAEDA at these dealer events (see flyer):

Wednesday, Oct. 22 - Dealer Day
(Open exclusively to dealers, distributors, retailers, rental dealers and media. Dealer Resource Pavilion open 9:00 am - 7:00 pm)
11 - 12:30 pm    -    “Dare to Be Different”
1 - 2:30 pm    -    Dealer Day Keynote Lunch - Steve McClatchy “Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stree & Lead by Example”
3 - 7 pm    -    Indoor exhibits open for dealers, distributors, retailers, media.
Welcome reception (5-7 pm) on the exhibit floor ($5,000 giveaway at 6:30 pm sponsored by STIHL, Inc. Booth #5074)

Thursday, Oct. 23
9 - 5 pm    -    Indoor exhibits & Outdoor Demonstration Area open
11 am - noon    -    “Add Dollars to your Bottom LIne by Improving Your Service and Parts Department’ KPIs”
2 - 3 pm    -    “Get Out of Your Financial Rut and Generate Instant Income”

Friday, Oct. 24
9 - 4 pm    -    Outdoor Demonstration Area open
9 - 5 pm    -    Indoor exhibits open.  $10,000 giveaway throughout the afternoon, sponsored by Belgard.
11 am - noon    -    “Radically Transform Your Dealership by Improving Your Absorption Rate”
2 - 3 pm    -    “Turn Your Slow Season into a Profitable Part of Your Year”

Technician Training, Oct 22 -  The training is approved for EETC Continuing Education Units and Power Pro Approved.  No other venue offers hands-on tech training on two-stroke engines, electrical diagnostics and the basics of diagnosing hydraulic systems and diesel engines, all in one day.  The training will focus on testing and repairing to help improve the quality of work, reduce comebacks and improve technicians’ billable rates.
*Basic Tech Training - Fuel Service Training, Carburetor Systems/Diagnostics 101, Electrical Basics 101, Propane Fuel Systems 101
7:30-9:30 am  10:00-noon  1:00-3:00 pm
*Advanced Tech Training - Two Stroke Engine Failure Analysis, Four-Stroke Engine Failure Analysis, Drivetrain Systems
8:00-11:00 am  noon-3:00 pm
*Requires pre-registration.

Dealer Summit,  Oct. 23 - 24 -  The Dealer Summit has been expanded to three sessions this year.  A light breakfast, sponsored by NAEDA, is included with the Thursday and Friday morning sessions.
8 - 9:30 am - *Dealer Summit Breakfast - “The Crystal Ball Manufacuturers‘ Panel,” featuring representatives of Briggs & Stratton, Husqvarna, Power Equipment Distributors and Scag Power Equipment
10 - 10:55 am - *Dealer Summit Special Report - “Contractor Buying and Attitude Trends”
8 - 9:30 am - *Dealer Summit Breakfast - “Dealer Best Practices Panel”
*Requires pre-registration.


Industry & Manufacturing News
Massey Ferguson and Woods Equipment enter into Agreement

DULUTH, Ga. (Sept. 15, 2014) — Massey Ferguson®, a tractor brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), and Woods®, an implement and attachment brand of the Farm, Ranch, and Agriculture Division of Blount International (NYSE: BLT), have joined together to provide the highest quality implements paired with the highest quality tractors.

“Through this agreement, customers have access to more than 70 Woods implements paired with Massey Ferguson tractors,” says Jerry Johnson, president of Blount International’s Farm, Ranch and Agriculture Division. “We’re proud to provide Massey Ferguson dealers a broader product offering and to have sales of these implements supported by AGCO Finance programs.”

Woods rotary cutters, finishing mowers, flail shredders, rear-mounted snow blowers and landscape equipment will be painted to match Massey Ferguson tractors and will be available at participating Massey Ferguson dealerships.

Some Massey Ferguson dealers already carry Woods products. Now, many more Massey Ferguson dealers will have an opportunity to sell the combined equipment.

Source: Woods Equipment

As US farm cycle turns, tractor makers may suffer longer than farmers

Farm equipment makers insist the sales slump they face this year because of lower crop prices and farm incomes will be short-lived. Yet there are signs the downturn may last longer than tractor and harvester makers, including Deere & Co, are letting on and the pain could persist long after corn, soybean and wheat prices rebound.

Farmers and analysts say the elimination of government incentives to buy new equipment, a related overhang of used tractors, and a reduced commitment to biofuels, all darken the outlook for the sector beyond 2019 - the year the U.S. Department of Agriculture says farm incomes will begin to rise again.

Company executives are not so pessimistic.

"Yes commodity prices and farm income are lower but they're still at historically high levels," says Martin Richenhagen, the president and chief executive of Duluth, Georgia-based Agco Corp , which makes Massey Ferguson and Challenger brand tractors and harvesters.

Source: Reuters


Legislative & Regulatory News
NAEDA Update Official Sponsor
Canadian News
NAEDA, Association & Program Partner News
KPA Free Webinar: How to use Recycling to keep your Dealership Safe and Compliant

Tips to reduce, reuse, and recycle at your dealership.

How to use Recycling to keep your Dealership Safe and Compliant

Tips to reduce, reuse, and recycle at your dealership.

Thursday September 25, 2014

Recycling dealership products and parts helps our environment, but it comes with its own set of rules and regulations too. In this webinar, Hannah Crawford, a KPA Risk Management Consultant, will discuss the proper ways to recycle the follow products: use oil, antifreeze, gasoline, parts washers, wheel weights, fluorescent lamps and more!

Can't attend at this time? Register anyway!

If you are unable to attend the webinar at this time, please register anyway and you will be sent a link to a recording of the webinar along with the presentation slides.

Date: Thursday September 25, 2014
Time: 9:00am - 10:00am Pacific
10:00am - 11:00am Mountain
11:00am - 12:00pm Central
12:00pm - 1:00pm Eastern

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Becky Ross, (866) 356-1735

Hannah Crawford
Hannah Crawford
Team Leader, KPA

Hannah joined KPA six years ago straight from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Hannah has 10 years of experience working for the state of Florida in various capacities and has extensive experience as a hazardous waste inspector.

New OSHA Injury Reporting Regulations
OSHA released a new final rule on September 11, 2014 with two changes that have implications on all U.S. workplaces.  The new rule requires all dealers to maintain an OSHA 300 log and changes the reporting requirements for serious injuries at all workplaces.

OSHA 300 Log: In the past, new and used car dealerships among other industries had been exempt from completing and posting the OSHA 300 log based on their Standard Industry Code (SIC) code.  However, under the new regulatory change dealerships have lost this exemption and must keep this accident and injury form up to date.  This regulation goes into effect on January 1st so your first required OSHA 300 log would be for accidents that occur in 2015.  Starting on October 2nd KPA will conduct webinars to train your staff on how to keep the log up to date (Register Here) , and both our E&S and HR support teams will be able to assist you with completion.  Most KPA E&S clients already track accidents and conduct accident investigations on a regular basis as a method to keep injury rates low.  KPA is working on a solution for 2015 to have all of the accident information you keep in myKPAonline populated into the 300 log.

Injury Reporting:  Under the current regulation employers are required to report work-related fatalities and in-patient hospitalizations of three or more employees within eight hours of the event.  Under the new rule employers must report work-related fatalities to OSHA within eight hours of the event and all work-related in-patient hospitalizations, as well as amputations and loss of an eye to OSHA within 24 hours of the event.  This is a good topic to review with your entire management team during your next safety committee meeting because the hardest part will be handling these accidents over the weekend.  If you are in-doubt whether to report, report.  To report you can call your local area office directly or the 24 hour OSHA reporting hotline at: 1-800-321-OSHA (1-800-321-6742).

If you have questions about any of these regulatory changes please attend our upcoming webinar on October 2nd (Register Here), contact Eric Schmitz at (303) 228-8766 or, or you can read more on the OSHA website at:

Consider a contribution to NAEDA's Equipment Dealers Foundation

NAEDA’s Equipment Dealers Foundation (EDF) was created to provide grants to meet the industry’s need for training resources, career advancements and scholarships.  Through the years, the EDF has expanded its efforts to help dealership employees affected by natural disasters.  Moving forward, your support is needed for research, grants and scholarships to continue to enhance our industry.

When faced with a disaster, the EDF has been able to step in and help.  The EDF has financially aided a number of dealers and dealer employees, thanks to the generous support of dealers, manufacturers, suppliers and affiliated associations.

The purpose is not to replace insurance coverage or the entire business economics; rather, the efforts through “bridge grants” of up to $2,500 help put food on the table, replace toothbrushes and toothpaste, put gas in the vehicle and generally help individuals get their everyday routine back as quickly as possible.  To date, the EDF has provided more than $200,000 to assist disaster victims.

In 2012 and 2013, EDF has offered a matching scholarship program in conjunction with dealers and affiliate associations, with the goal of helping dealers train the next generation of employees.  These scholarships, coupled with the other matching grants of the sponsoring dealer and affiliate associations, were used to help students interested in the equipment industry attend schools and receive training so they can be a part of our industry after graduation.  To date, 145 matching scholarships have been awarded to students.

Now is where you can help.  In order for EDF to assist when disaster strikes again—and it will—and to help do research and provide important industry data and education, and provide scholarships to students excited about our industry, we need your continued support.  Please consider a generous donation to the NAEDA EDF as we close out the year.
Please visit our website at to contribute online.

Thank you.


Tip of the Month


Tip of the Month: What is HR Automation?

HR Automation is the process of transitioning your paper-based HR products to an online system. HR Automation programs allow owners, managers, and employees to perform HR-related functions on their own. These self-serve options allow actions to be taken at individual conveniences, from personal desktops. So why should you be automating your HR?
  • Through HR automation, you can maximize employee productivity.
  • Easily provide employees with HR tools, templates, and best practices.
  • Do more with fewer resources.
Do you want to learn more about HR automation? Contact

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From the NAEDA Office
Task Groups Complete Initial Work
NAEDA board to consider recommendations for enhancing member service

For the past several months, eight task groups have been working behind the scenes to address the priorities or focus areas for transitioning NAEDA to a new governance model. Later this month, the task groups will present their findings and recommendations to the NAEDA Board of Directors for consideration. The meeting promises to be an exciting opportunity to plot the course for significant change within the association - change that will enhance service to the members and better position NAEDA for continued success.

Some of the more significant changes proposed by each of the task groups include:

▶ Expand the committee structure to better address specific responsibilities related to the association’s primary purpose and objectives.
▶ Expand the council structure to assist in identifying industry/dealer advocacy issues and developing programs, products and services that support the association’s purpose and provide dealer members with valuable business and professional development opportunities.
▶ Implement an elections process, which includes candidate qualifications, timelines, voting procedures and other facets necessary for affecting a regional governance model.

▶ Expand the categories of membership to provide additional opportunities for participation by industry partners.
▶ Develop a common application form and renewal notice, which includes data collection (lines carried, interest areas, etc.) for enhanced member relations management.
▶ Explore the option of implementing an expanded association management system (database) for defining members and fulfilling their specific needs.

▶ Expand the association’s messaging platform to include a comprehensive web site with increased functionality, social media and specialized applications for handheld devices.
▶ Create an editorial board of members and industry partners to assist in creating the editorial calendar for the association’s monthly magazine.
▶ Develop a centralized process for collecting/sharing business data, e.g., cost of doing business, transportation regulations and UTV/ATV regulations.

Manufacturer Relations
▶ Implement additional opportunities to communicate the association’s activities with regard to manufacturer relations.
▶ Develop a standardized process for soliciting dealer input prior to meetings with manufacturers.
▶ Develop a new procedure for accessing the Industry Relations Fund (IRF), and implement a strategy for soliciting contributions.

Government Relations
▶ Create a database with a grassroots level of key contacts, i.e., identified dealers who can phone politicians to discuss specific issues, invite politicians to their dealership or write letters in support/opposition to a particular legislative issue.
▶ Add a Members Only library of legislative information in the redesign of the NAEDA web site.
▶ Create a Political Action Committee (PAC) or similar organization for political fundraising.

Regulatory Compliance
▶ Add a Members Only library of regulatory information in the redesign of the NAE DA web site.
▶ Create a database of resource experts who can assist members in complying with various regulatory issues.

Member Services
▶ Enhance and expand dealer/industry data collection and communication opportunities to include quarterly state-of-the-industry reports.
▶ Implement additional opportunities to communicate the association’s advocacy efforts and legal services.
▶ Provide educational programs that compliment local offerings.

▶ Develop a media strategy with a target audience, relevant content and consistent contact.
▶ Expand the messaging platform to provide additional opportunities for member engagement.
▶ Explore opportunities to co-brand with the affiliate organizations.

As you can see, the task groups did an outstanding job of identifying numerous opportunities to create an active, vibrant association that meets or exceeds the needs of its members. The next several months promise to be busy and rewarding as we work to implement the recommended changes and provide additional value to our dealer members. I hope you will enjoy the coming changes as we work to create the new NAEDA!

As always, your ideas, issues and suggestions are welcome, so please feel free to contact me at or 636-349-6221.

Thank you for being a valued member of NAEDA.

RICHARD “Rick” LAWHUN is president/CEO of North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA). The association provides educational, legal, legislative and financial services to approximately 5,500 retail agricultural, construction, large property/rural lifestyle and outdoor power equipment dealers in the United States and Canada. Rick can be contacted at 636-349-6221 or via e-mail at

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