Committed to building the best business environment for North American equipment dealers.

The NAEDA chairman may appoint or delegate advisory committees and taskforces as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors to carry out the work of the association. The duties, duration and assignments of such committees and taskforces are designated by the chairman. They serve at the pleasure of the NAEDA board and have only the power and authority granted to them by the board.

The following are ongoing committees of the association.

Closely monitors and reports to the board of directors the financial condition of the association. Recommends the audit firm and related expenses for approval by the board. Presents audited financial statements to board for approval. Oversees association investment policies as approved by the board. Chaired by the 1st vice chairman.
Brian Carpenter, Chair
Mark Foster
Tom Nobbe
Mike Caraway (NAEAE President)
Blaine Bingham (ex-officio)
NAEDA Staff Liaison: Mike Williams
Advises board and staff on significant federal legislative or regulatory proposals and/or suggests legislation or regulatory action to address significant dealer issues or concerns. Monitors issues in Canada and the U.S. and suggests strategies and options to achieve legislative/regulatory objectives. 
Farrell Oswald, Chair
Joe Nash
Charlie Swenson
Harold Chapman, Jr.

Billy Adams
Ralph Gaiss
Brad Griffin
Ron Moore
John Schmeiser

NAEDA Staff Liaison: Mike Williams
Advises board and staff on major issues and concerns related to the business conditions of the equipment industry with particular focus on the complex relationship between manufacturers and dealers. Suggests options, strategies or programs to address major issues or concerns related to industry or manufacturer conditions.
Brian Carpenter (Case IH, NH), Chair
Tom Nobbe (Deere)
Jay Chapman (AGCO, Kubota, NH)
Scott Muehlhauser (OPE)
Stan Stutheit (Deere)
Mark Foster (Case IH, NH)

Mike Caraway
Andy Goodman
Gary Manke
Kim Rominger
Rich Strom

Staff Liaison: Rick Lawhun

Monitors the operation and success of current affinity programs and other member services. Makes recommendations to the board and staff for improvement, expansion or elimination of such programs. Studies potential new ideas and programs and makes recommendations to board and staff on those that appear to be viable for dealers.

Also, monitors and advises board and staff on programs to address the education and professional development needs of dealers and dealership employees. Included are such programs as 20 Groups, safety and risk management, national dealer forums, seminars or workshops, board orientation, and others.

Gail Halderman, Chair
George Fackler, III
Brion Torgerson
Milton Noland
Mike Weisenberger

Steve Kost
Matthew Larsgaard
Vince Zebeau, Jr.

Staff Liaison: Joe Dykes