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The NAEDA Equipment Dealers Foundation (EDF) was established in 1988 as a separate entity from the association to provide funding to meet the industry's need for training resources. The foundation is the publicly supported 501(c)(3) charitable organization of the North American Equipment Dealers Association.



The EDF Disaster Relief Fund was established in September 2005 after Hurricane Katrina caused severe destruction along the Gulf coast from central Florida to Texas, destroying equipment dealerships and their employee's homes. Since that time, the EDF fund has provided grants to dealers and their employees affected by hurricanes, storms, flooding, and other natural disasters.

The fund is designed to help offset some of the financial demands faced by those affected by disasters. Grants may be used for food, living expenses, temporary accommodations, home repair, permanent home construction, and other approved needs. Learn more by reading the grant application form.

Contribute To the EDF Disaster Relief Fund

Equipment Dealers Foundation (EDF) Disaster Relief Fund is accepting contributions to provide assistance to dealers and their employees who have suffered losses from storms or other natural disasters.

Download a copy of the Disaster Relief Fund Contribution card or contribute online here.

Apply for A Disaster Relief Fund Grant

Dealers and dealership employees who suffer losses in federally (U.S.) designated disaster areas may qualify for limited assistance. Qualification guidelines are detailed in the EDF Disaster Relief Fund application.

Download a copy of the Disaster Relief Fund Application form.


A Helping Hand Makes Everyone Feel Better!

Scientists have documented that giving is not only good for the receiving party but also for the giving party as well. In some instances, it has also been proven to have a positive effect on casual observers. Giving, as it turns out, stimulates the production of endorphins, the “feel good” chemical produced by our bodies.

If scientists are correct, NAEDA’s Equipment Dealers Foundation (EDF) has aided in the production of a lot of endorphins—thanks to the generous support of dealers, manufacturers, suppliers and affiliated associations. As a result, EDF has been privileged to support dealer and equipment industry-related research and education, in conjunction with support for dealerships after natural disasters.

Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and continuing through 2011 when devastating floods hit North Dakota, EDF has assisted 129 families with over $203,000 in direct grants. These are not just any ordinary families, however, because someone in that family is employed by an equipment dealership. EDF’s purpose is not to replace insurance coverage. But rather the efforts—through “bridge grants” of up to $2,500 (previously $2,000)—helps put food on the table, replace toothbrushes and toothpaste, puts gas in the vehicle and generally helps them get their everyday routine back as quickly as possible. Here are just a couple of examples of what EDF has meant to the families in need:

“We at BTI would like to thank you [EDF] for all of the financial aid that you gave to all of my employees that were harmed in the Greensburg [Kans.] disaster. We were truly humbled and blessed just from what you did on the first checks that were received, but what a blessing in receiving the additional $250 per employee for Christmas. I can tell you that they were very grateful at a much needed time. I don’t know how we can ever thank everyone from NAEDA. Please let everyone from the whole group and boards know how appreciative and thankful that we truly are….We will never forget what you have done for the BTI families and for BTI.”
Kelly J. Estes
President of BTI

“Well, I got news today from my GM that I will be receiving $2,000 from the EDF! Tears rolled down my cheek as I called my wife. We both have BA degrees from a well-recognized private college. I think I work harder than most, and I excel at my job, but we have never been ahead of the ball game in the financial world. It is tough to raise a family of four…on my salary. I can tell you with certainty that this gift will now allow us to fully rebuild our basement (half of our living space)….We now know we will be able to get through this. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this available.”
Waterloo Implement 

This past year EDF also developed and introduced a matching scholarship program in conjunction with dealers and affiliate associations. These scholarships, coupled with the other matching grants, will help students interested in the equipment industry attend schools and receive training so they can be a part of our industry after graduation. In 2012, EDF funded 62 scholarships and hopes to grow and continue this type of support.

That is where you can help. In order for EDF to assist when disaster strikes again, and it will, or to help do research and provide important industry data or education or the scholarships to students excited about our industry, we need your support. Please consider a generous donation to the NAEDA EDF. Simply fill out the contribution card included with this publication (or you can go to the NAEDA web site—, make out your check or provide your credit card information and send it in today. Please mail your completed card with your donation to: 
        NAEDA EDF
        1195 Smizer Mill Road
        Fenton, MO 63026-3480

Please don’t wait—we want to be there when you need us! Besides, you can produce your own endorphins and feel better by giving to others at the same time. I would like to emphasize your helping hand is greatly needed and appreciated. And that’s the way I see it!

Source: June 2012 NAEDA Equipment Dealer

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