Committed to building the best business environment for North American equipment dealers.

NAEDA and its affiliated associations are committed to the important role of being active and visible in the legislative and regulatory process. NAEDA vigorously promotes the position of dealers on key U.S. and Canadian issues. We are active at the national level in Washington, D.C., and Ottawa as well as local, state and provincial levels. We work with other trade associations, organizations and coalitions on important initiatives.


Vice President, Government Relations - U.S.
Natalie Higgins (Bio)    

Higgins is responsible for tracking the association’s key legislation affecting equipment dealers and participating in coalitions and industry partnerships in Washington, D.C.

NAEDA currently plays a valuable role in the U.S. political process by providing needed information to elected and appointed officials on selected topics at the various levels of national government so that they can make informed decisions on legislation or regulations that affect equipment dealers. We are charged with the task of ensuring our members’ interests are represented before the government. This means establishing and maintaining relations with Congress and the White House through direct lobbying as well as political action and education.

NAEDA holds an annual Legislative Fly-In to Washington, D.C., and encourages dealers and affiliates to join us to meet and greet their representatives and senators and their staffs on important issues.

NAEDA, as part of its legislative efforts, also monitors regulations being proposed by federal agencies that may affect equipment dealers and will make appropriate comments on these rulemaking proposals as needed to protect dealers’ interests.

In addition, as part of any legislative program, we also attempt to identify and contact other key agencies, associations, groups, etc. to outline our policies and positions. This often is in the form of participating in coalitions, initiating grassroots participation and/or developing communications programs concerning government relations activities for affiliates, members, and news media through publications, position papers, emails, action alerts, Web sites, etc.

Vice President, Government Relations - Canada
John Schmeiser (Bio) 

Schmeiser coordinates all federal lobbying activities in Canada. He also tracks provincial and federal issues and legislation for NAEDA’s affiliate associations.


NAEDA’s Vice President of Canadian Government Affairs works closely with federal and provincial representatives regarding all legislation, regulations and government policy that affect equipment dealers. NAEDA, represented through the Canada West Association, is recognized by federal and provincial governments as the voice of the dealer and is regularly consulted by governments before legislation and regulations are made or changed.

The Association also keeps abreast of proposed provincial and federal legislation and alerts dealers to the consequences of legislation and regulations affecting dealers and their customers, and suggests plans for support or opposition. The Association also interprets existing legislation and regulations for dealers when concerns are raised.
The Association, as a dealer advocate with respect to federal and provincial governments, has been working on issues including:
  • Farm Implement Legislation
  • Equipment Transportation Regulations
  • Workers Compensation Rates
  • Employment and Labour Standards Issues
  • Used Oil Recycling
  • Waste Tire Issues
  • Apprenticeship Board Representation for Trades Affecting Equipment Dealers 

Some recent Association accomplishments include:

  • Important legislative changes to the Saskatchewan Agricultural Implement Act came into effect September 15, 2003.
  • February 2007 CWEDA, AMMAQ and NAEDA representatives appeared before the Standing Committee on Agriculture and AgriFood to discuss concerns relating to equipment dealers. Following the presentation, the Standing Committee agreed with the request to increase the first year depreciation rate on new agricultural equipment to 40% and immediately forwarded the request to the Minister of Finance for his consideration.
  • Negotiated with Revenue Canada on the method of year-end evaluation of used equipment for tax purposes.