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Dealers who wish to become affiliated with NAEDA must join one of NAEDA's state, regional or provincial associations. NAEDA does not offer direct memberships to equipment dealers. For information on becoming a member of the association in your area, click on affiliates.


Why become a member of a NAEDA-affiliated association?

NAEDA, together with its affiliated associations…

  • represent all retail equipment dealers – agriculture, construction/industrial, large property/rural lifestyle, and outdoor power.
  • conduct meaningful dialog with equipment manufacturers about critically important issues related to the operations of equipment dealerships.
  • provide member dealers with effective legislative representation at the federal, state and provincial levels of government, effectively advocating on the dealers’ behalf.
  • get involved in the regulatory process to prevent harmful policies from placing a financial burden on your business or your employees.
  • accomplish what individual dealers cannot do alone. Few dealers have the time, expertise or money to take on major governmental or manufacturer concerns.
  • achieve great results and provide tremendous benefits in terms of saving individual dealers time, money and stress.

Become a member of a NAEDA-affiliated association today and start reaping the benefits of membership!


NAEDA does offer associate memberships to non-dealer individuals or organizations that wish to support the retail equipment industry. Contact Joe Dykes at 636/349-6205 for more information.