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I can do that? How to use texting as a marketing tool

Posted: 6/23/2014 | Views: 607

Text messages are used in day-to-day life, a common method to communicate anything from single-word needs to complete paragraphs. Now, texts are becoming even more prized, moving further than social communication into sales.

The heavy impact of mobile on internet marketing has created a valuable use of Short Message Service (SMS) texts, allowing sales people to send targeted messages to mobile users. Consider this:

  • On a daily basis 98% of SMS messages are opened.
  • 83% of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes.
  • 30% of branded messages are responded to.
  • Text messaging has 8 times the response rate of email.
  • Text message coupons are redeemed 8 times more often that those sent via email.

The fast, flexible, responsive, and cheap nature of text messaging makes it an ideal dealership marketing method. To use texting in your marketing strategy, sign up for a mobile marketing service. Using this online service, it is often possible to send out scheduled texts as well as enable coupon-redemption tracking.

To get started, it’s necessary to first get your customers to opt in. Encourage them to opt in through social media, campaign emails, dealership collateral, and posters. For example, instruct them to text a 5 digit “short code” to get advance information about your upcoming sale.

Text message marketing is a great way to get your consumers to engage their friends and family with you. For instance, entice past and prospective consumers with a text that if they reply with a friend’s phone number both parties will receive a percentage off of a specific service.

Much like social media marketing, text message marketing is about engagement. When a consumer replies back, always respond quickly and politely. Engage with them, setting up an appointment to talk about their interest or response. Along that same vein, remember that text messages are sent nearly instantaneously. Avoid late night or early morning texts to keep your consumers subscribed.

Much like blogs, landing pages, and social posts, texts also require “Calls to Action” or CTA. This means that you need to be completely clear about what you want the consumer to do after they’ve received your message. Your CTA should include a phone number or link to a mobile website, as well as time frame to encourage them to act quickly. Additionally, you must include an unsubscribe message in every text. SMS texts are limited to 160 characters, which means that you need to be direct and to the point in every text you send.

How do you know if your texts are working? Just like all of your other mobile and internet marketing efforts, its important to track your texts. Using your mobile marketing service, you will be able to track and report on your different texts, noting the time, content, and CTA of each. This will allow you to decide what you want to focus on in your marketing and what you need to change.

Although text messaging has been around for many years now, its full-potential has yet to be reached. Text messaging has a high ROI while, if done well, is relatively cheap to implement. Text messages can offer you a very personal way of interacting with current and potential customers, bringing them onto the lot, and turning their interest into sales.

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