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The dealership daily Social Media checklist

Posted: 6/23/2014 | Views: 738

To maintain a successful social media presence, managing your accounts must be a daily activity. While automated schedulers are helpful, it takes more than daily posts to keep your social presence relevant. You should be commenting, liking, and engaging on a daily basis as well. Make sure you are completing the following items to keep your social media presence strong.

1.  Post 1-2 things per day for each of your accounts.

An inactive social media page is a negative social media page. Show your followers that you’re engaged, interesting, and can provide educational items pertinent to your dealership. They need to know that you and your dealership are alive, well, and ready to work with them. Post your sales, relatable stores and articles, your blogs, and more.

2.  Respond to every comment, every day, on all of your accounts.

Social media is all about engagement. That means if someone reaches out to you and comments, you need to respond, and quickly! It is important to respond to both the good, the bad, and the ugly comments. It is possible to turn an unhappy researcher or client back around simply by responding to their issues and making efforts to correct them. If the commenter is already happy, then responding to a comment can further prove to them that you are the dealership that they want to work with.

3.  Share something new every day.

Social media isn’t all about you, it’s about your community as well. Advertise community events, other business’ products and services. This will prompt others to share your posts as well.

4.  Like the comments that come your way.

When you get a comment, someone has taken the time out of their day to read your posts. Show them that you realize they read it and that you appreciate it! Liking helps to build relationships.

5.  Enhance videos.

Videos are beginning to dominate social sites. Whenever possible, post a video of your own, or share someone elses, on your pages.

Do you need further help on what do with your social media pages? Contact info@digigo.com.

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