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How does your equipment dealership manage risk? Are you taking steps to avoid disputes before they happen, or are you prepared to navigate your options after a dispute?

Finding the right protection and advice for your company takes time and effort. WEDA makes that process easy with our portfolio of pre-vetted insurance and legal service providers.

Our industry experts understand your unique business environment, the ins and outs of running an equipment dealership and have the experience and the products to make sure you’re covered.

Call on WEDA’s hand-picked Elevate partners for professional legal and insurance advice, products and services…with the confidence that comes from an informed recommendation.

Specialized Insurance Providers



WEDA’s insurance partners are Federated Insurance (Canada) and Federated Insurance (USA), two seperate companies focaused on insurance and risk management with decades of experience working with farm equipment dealers.

Federated Insurance can offer a complete commercial solution, or a customized product designed just for your dealership, with staff trained to understand the unique coverage needs of the equipment dealer industry.

Whether you run a small retail operation or manage a major equipment dealership, Federated Insurance can help with the following products:

  • business insurance
  • property insurance
  • general liability insurance
  • casualty insurance
  • life and disability products
  • workers compensation coverage
  • errors and omissions insurance
  • commercial vehicle insurance
Legal Services and Advice

WEDA’s legal partner, Seigfreid Bingham, is a full-service law firm with over 40 years of experience in the equipment dealer industry. With a deep understanding of equipment dealers’ needs in both the U.S. and Canada, you get more than just the ‘legal’ answer.

Seigfreid Bingham’s specialized equipment dealer attorneys have seen virtually every situation an equipment dealer is likely to encounter so you can be confident your legal issues are in good hands.

Seigfreid Bingham’s expertise includes:

  • issues involving human resources
  • customer transactions and disputes
  • manufacturer relations
  • financing agreements
  • buy-back disputes
  • dealer agreement review and negotiation
  • termination of dealer agreements
  • warranty and retail financing audits
  • product liability
  • dealership purchases and sales
  • regulatory compliance (including OSHA and environmental issues)
Data Security

Did you know a data breach at your dealership is not likely to be fully covered by insurance? Not only that, a data breach can be a massive blow to the reputation of any business.

WEDA developed the Data Security Program through consultation with dealers and our legal partner Seigfreid Bingham so you can address customer and manufacturer expectations – and meet your legal obligations.

This turnkey solution is being adopted by dealers throughout North America and quickly becoming the industry standard for data security. It can be yours for far less than the cost you would pay an independent provider for this type of program.

Today’s dealers have access to more sensitive customer data than ever before. Take steps to reduce the chance of a data breach, limit the risk of lawsuits and negative publicity and boost customer confidence in your security standards.

“I would argue that, today, if those services weren’t available through WEDA, there would be a lot of dealers that either would not have access to them, or the capacity to do it themselves and would get left behind.”

Arthur Ward, Swift Current, Pattison Agriculture and WEDA Board Member

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