In an equipment dealership, operational excellence is all about continual improvement, efficiently meeting your business goals and making sure that your staff is engaged and delivering exceptional customer service.

If you’re looking for guidance from an expert with specific knowledge of the equipment industry – or an outside opinion to show you the best way forward – WEDA can help.

Our hand-picked Elevate partners are your industry experts. They counsel your management and staff for better performance and a stronger return on investment. They can provide an analysis of your entire dealership structure, or just one department.

Call our partners in these areas today.

“We joined WEDA because it’s important for us to support our industry’s association. We also look at it as a resource. We’re so focused on our own businesses … it’s very important that if we do face a problem, the association is there.”

– Doug Tibben, General Manager, Canada West Harvest Centre, Saskatchewan

On-Site Consulting Services

The Dealer Institute is a division of WEDA staffed by qualified, experienced consultants who review and help improve the financial, operational and management health of a dealership.

  • our team visits your dealership, provides an evaluation of your organization, then designs a custom solution just for you
  • buy-in rates among management teams and staff for facilitation and implementation of new strategies and practices are better when the changes and recommendations come from outside the organization
  • industry specialists from Dealer Institute help you fine-tune your business, highlight opportunities and enhance the profitability of your organization
Peer-to-Peer Learning and Performance Groups

Are you looking for:

  • ideas from dealership leaders and managers in other markets who have been-there-done-that?
  • practical knowledge to put your organization on a growth path?
  • a supportive environment to create mutual assistance through open communication, idea exchange, goal setting and accountability?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions – or even ‘tell me more’ – peer-to-peer learning is for you! Facilitated by the Dealer Institute, and taking place a few times a year, peer group meetings connect you with others in your industry to infuse your team with new ideas, help you improve your operational excellence and save you time.

Here are a few examples of peer groups facilitated by the Dealer Institute:

  • John Deere Dealer Performance Groups: expert Doug Friend of Friend Management Systems™ facilitates peer consultation, annual objectives and dealer benchmarks for proven performance results
  • Service Management Group: service managers share ideas about service as it relates to financial performance and increased profitability in the dealership
  • Parts Management Group: parts managers meet to exchange ideas about the operational and financial performance of the dealership’s parts department
Customer and Employee Management

When it comes to improving customer experiences and employee relationships, knowledge is power.

WEDA has secured North America’s leading feedback management program, SATISFYD, to provide WEDA members with the tools to:

  • improve both customer and employee experiences
  • adapt to changing customer and employee expectations
  • develop best practices
  • create practical insights
  • continually deliver the best experiences you can.

WEDA members get exclusive discounts on the following SATISFYD services.

SATISFYD’s Voice of the Customer Solution

This full-service customer satisfaction survey for parts, service, rental, sales and Precision Farming experiences lets you gather and act on important customer feedback.

SATISFYD’s Voice of the Employee Solution

This in-depth employee engagement survey captures information from each location and department and provides important benchmark insights for dealers so you can improve your business processes, reduce turnover and create a stronger workplace.

“Using SATISFYD, we have drastically increased our overall rating in locations where it was poor and have been able to correct errors or situations where we could get better. It’s great because we can follow up with a specific customer on a change we made resulting from their suggestion.”

– Tom Schuneman, GM, Schuneman Equipment

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