Ownership Services

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate every day. You set the company vision, guide your organization’s culture, oversee the business’s finance and operations and often even hire, train and supervise your leadership staff.

With limited hours in a day, you may need to reach out occasionally for help with mission-critical processes or business decisions. WEDA Elevate partners can help with a variety of Ownership Services.

With one phone call, you can be in touch with industry leaders that can craft strategies for your toughest leadership and management challenges, and biggest opportunities. Trust WEDA’s hand-picked Elevate network of consultants to move your business forward.

Leadership and Management Consulting


The Dealer Institute is a division of WEDA staffed by qualified, experienced consultants who review and help improve the financial, operational and management health of a dealership.

Our consultants can help you create a business culture that retains staff, encourages growth and inspires ingenuity, all while creating a loyal workforce.

Through WEDA’s Dealer Institute, owners and managers build their own leadership skills through one-on-one coaching, peer-to-peer learning and customized training programs built to suit your unique business.

Leadership training from the Dealer Institute can:

  • strengthen your dealership
  • positively impact your organization’s culture
  • build on organizational efficiencies
  • add value to your customers’ experience
  • improve profitability, and
  • contribute to overall business success.

“We’ve chosen to go down the on-site training route. I like to have everyone in the room together, all hearing the same message. The Dealer Institute knows our industry very well, so it gets away from that canned approach you can find with other training providers out there.”

– Steven Dyck, President Western Tractor, Lethbridge, Alberta

Merger and Acquisition Integration Services

A significant merger or acquisition is the kind of deal that happens once or twice in a lifetime. It has to be done right. If you’re preparing your business for a merger or thinking of buying – or selling – a dealership, WEDA Elevate partners can help you navigate the tricky waters of mergers and acquisitions.

Equipment Dealers Consulting LLC (EDC)

With more than 120 years of experience representing dealers in the equipment industry, EDC advisors bring their specific industry knowledge to the table to provide targeted advice for dealers. With Certified Public Accountants and Certified Valuation Analysts on staff, let the specialists at EDC help with:

  • pre-merger planning including business valuations
  • due diligence including benefit costs and risks
  • defining strategic priorities
  • creating financial structures.

“I rely on the Equipment Dealer Consulting team’s experience and expertise to give me advice that leads to making effective decisions for the company I work for. They are always available and can get back to me with a correct and directive answer.”

– Barbara Wilson, Controller of Porters Building Center in Kearney, MO

Broadventure Management Group LLC

With most mergers and acquisitions, the focus is typically on due diligence and deal execution. Post-deal integration usually gets less attention. WEDA’s strategic partner Broadventure

helps dealers through the critical post-deal integration steps to move you seamlessly from strategy to implementation. Let Broadventure help with successfully integrating your people, processes, systems, assets, facilities, customers and vendors.


Customized Consulting

Does your company have a specific requirement that’s not listed here? WEDA Elevate partners represent a broad and diversified network of industry experts covering many aspects of business services.

With years of experience in the equipment dealer industry, and the flexibility to advise at your place of business, WEDA Elevate partners can bring the right resource to your next business challenge or opportunity. Just ask.

“At our company, we place the utmost confidence in EDC. They have provided us with tremendous financial advice for the last 51 years and we will continue to place our trust with our business with Equipment Dealer Consulting.”

– Cydney Terry, Terry Implement Co., Inc. in Gallatin, MO

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