An initiative to draw qualified women professionals to the construction and agricultural equipment dealer industry.


The NAEDA Women in Industry Founders Group, a group of women in c-level, general manager and dealer principal positions from NAEDA membership, have been meeting monthly since September of 2020. During their video conference calls, the founder’s group discusses common business issues relating to women and the industry in general and discuss how to attract more women into the industry and ensure their success.


To inspire and draw women into the equipment dealer industry by offering resources and a network that foster professional success while furthering the mission of the NAEDA.



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“Our industry has historically been male-dominated,” said Kim Rominger, President & CEO of NAEDA. “But we’re seeing more women in dealerships and in leadership roles and we want to make sure those women feel welcome and empowered in their roles.  Anne, as an industry leader herself, is a perfect facilitator for this group and we’re proud to have partnered with her on the Women in Industry Initiative.”

Women in c-level, general manager and dealer principal positions

Discusses common business issues relating to women and the industry in general

How to attract more women into the industry and ensure their success

There is no additional charge for dealership members to participate.


Anne Salemo is the facilitator and founder of the Women in Industry Initiative at the EDA. Building on her experience as a CPA serving a large construction equipment company while at KPMG, Anne began her career in dealership management systems in 1988 with her father Gerry Fricke, original founder of Charter Software. She later acquired Charter Software in 1996 and achieved significant growth during her tenure until 2019 when Anne sold Charter Software to Constellation Software.  Anne is well-known and respected by industry peers as a dealership business expert and has made presentations to regional and national dealer/distributor associations and regional and national CEO organizations. She’s collaborated with virtually every consultant in the farm equipment industry.

Anne holds a degree in Business Administration from Marquette University and has completed numerous courses in Dale Carnegie leadership and business training. Anne is a member of the Colorado Society of CPAs, American Institute of CPAs and a former longtime member of Vistage, a leading peer advisory and executive leadership organization. While not volunteering at the EDA, she loves to hike, boat, and travel. Anne is excited about this new initiative for drawing women into the industry that she loves.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is EDA’s Women in Industry (WII)?
The mission of the EDA Women in Industry initiative is to encourage and attract women to the equipment dealer industry by offering a network that nurtures
professional success while furthering the mission of the NAEDA. Basically, it is a group of women who are working hard at helping more women be successful in the equipment dealer industry.
Are associate members allowed to participate?
Currently WII is only available to women dealership employees.
How much does it cost to participate?
There is no charge for participating.
Is this a big time commitment?
No – it is typically one hour per month via video conference. It is well worth every minute. The takeaways are abundant.
How can I get involved?
The founder’s group for WII is comprised of women that are high level managers and owners of equipment dealerships. The members of this group agree to become mentors
to women at all levels of the dealership organization. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee or want to be part of a future WII group, please contact us.
Can men become members of WII?
We are thrilled that there are men in the industry that want women to become more successful. We have created this group for women by women. We would love
to get male perspective as we move forward. This can be done through EDA’s feedback loop or by contacting a board member.
What types of things are discussed within a mentoring relationship or the WII groups?
Ways for member to become more successful in their current position as well as progress in their careers. Discussion of current challenges in the industry, current successes and success factors, work/life balance issues, handling difficult conversations, staying current in technology, professional development resources, ways to attract more women into the industry, etc.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do the WII groups and mentors/mentees meet?
We will be meeting virtually through video- and teleconferencing. Typically meetings will be once a month between a mentor and mentee. The founder’s WII group meets monthly.
If I mentor, how many mentees would I have at one time?
Mentors have up to three mentees at one time, but most typically agree to no more than two.
How long would I have my mentor?
You are only committed to one year. We strongly encourage mentees to move onto a new mentor to get new perspective each year. If you mutually agree to meet beyond one year, you may do so.
What does NOT happen in EDA’s WII?
There is no male bashing. There is no undermining authority at the dealership. There is no political agendas. There is no selling of goods and services. There is no discussion about pricing of equipment and services. Traditional anti-trust practices apply.
When will the mentoring program become available?
We anticipate starting the mentoring program in early 2022.
How can I get more info on the WII?
Email asalemo@naeda.com.


United States: (800) 762-5616
Canada: (800) 661-2452


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